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Hello everyone, I just listed my First of a kind Flores Origi-Dolls. Check them out HERE. Right under listings click on view all items! Leave your comments tell me what you think!


Mida Mi Frida

Ohhh La La Que Pasa en Mi Casa? I am working on this Calaca (skeleton) Frida. It is a plastic Skeleton and I decided to make it into a Frida Muerta. I took some clothes that don't fit
my two year old anymore
and I donated them (of course) but I did take two pieces out to use them to make Frida's outfit. The middle turquoise part of the skirt is hand painted. I had nothing extra in turquoise so I improvised so now its hand painted material and I embellished it with sunflowers.
Her fingernails and toes are painted and I made her some beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For the hair I made a wig out of yarn and not just any wig.
I made an authentic Frida hair-do wig, braid y todo.
Now this piece is not done yet, her outfit and personality is not complete. She is so fun to work on. I feel almost as if she is laughing the whole time that I am dressing her up. Doesn't she look as if she's laughing?
When she is complete, She will be available on my Ebay unless I receive an incredible offer for it I that I can't resist!
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BTW, There are new FloresOriginals coming real soon so stay tuned!


New Used Flores Original

Ok, I looove these wallets! I have collected some wallets that people no longer use, but, are still in new condition! Some of them were not very attractive. I thought I would add some Flores Pizazz to make them fun! I make sure the wallets are clean and in good condition first. After I am done with them, they are brought to life again. Each wallet has its own personality.

I found this red one and I absolutely LOVE it! I painted a chubby muerta on the front. She has on her sassy polka dotted dress with her awesome hair bob! She has on matching jewelry and is showing off her tattoo. This is a great conversation piece as well. I did add some other embellishments through out the wallet too! I have had this wallet all summer long and the paint does not come off or fade. And I have dropped it and my children have had their share of torturing it as well. I do seal it really well and I only paint on certain types because not all wallets hold the paint.

These are some others that I have available. I will be listing the brown one to the far right on ebay today. I am still working on the last red one with the doves. And the pink one with the funky outfit, well that's spoken for as well. I just borrowed it for the photos. I hope you like these wallets as much as I do. There's a lot more where these came from. Remember to check e-Bay to collect your funky wallet. There will also be photos of the inside, more art to see and enjoy!


Gracias por dejar de! Thank you for stopping by!
As you know I am an artist not a writer so this whole blog thing is very new to me. I hope you enjoy everything here that I will be sharing with you! As usual if you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me.
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La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

Ok, I just submitted my two versions of La Llorona to the State Fair Hispanic Art Center. It's a juried show and luckily they were both accepted!The originals will be ready for purchase during the 2008 State Fair in the Hispanic Art Center. September 5-21 2008

I have two La Lloronas and I'll tell you why. There is La Llorona Joven (young version) & La Llorona Vieja (old version).

This one is La Llorona Vieja (My version). When I was young my Mother & Grandmother would tell stories about the woman who drowned her children in the river and spent the rest of her life searching for them. In my mind I pictured her searching till she was very old. And after she died her spirit looked like an old woman who you would feel sorry for. But, if you ever approached her to ask if she was ok, she would GRAB YOU and throw you in the river and drown you!

Oweee Scary!!

Ok now onto La Llorona Joven the young version. I painted her because my best friend said, "that’s not how I picture La Llorona." I thought, "WHAT?" I just assumed that everyone pictured her that way! But she's a researcher and a reader! (cuidado) lol. So she told me the original story, (not the one in my head jajaja..) if you look it up, the story is about a widow who wished to marry a rich man. But, the man did not want to raise another man's children so he rejected her. She was determined to have this man for her own, so she went down to the river and drowned her children to be free of them. When she told the man what she had done, he was horrified and would have nothing more to do with her. She was sickened by the terrible crime she had committed and went to the river, looking for her children. But they were gone. She drowned herself and her spirit was condemned to wander the rivers & ditches, crying as she searched for her children until the end of time.There are so many versions out there and every story that I have read thus far has been very interesting. I love these two paintings they remind me of stories when I was a little girl and all you had to worry about was La Llorona! Do you have a different version or do you picture her different from these depictions? Do tell.....

Contemporary Hispanic Market in Santa Fe

I am back from the very Impressive Contemporary Hispanic Market! It was so much fun! There were so many people from so many different states as well as countries. The ambiance was spectacular. I was so inspired, I had to come home and paint! I was sad to depart from my babies (art pieces) but the wonderful people who bought them loved them as much as I do! So that made me feel good about our parting. I had pieces that were sold that had never been seen by the public before. Thank you to all who own a Flores Original. I look forward to seeing you next year!

La Chingona