Mida Mi Frida

Ohhh La La Que Pasa en Mi Casa? I am working on this Calaca (skeleton) Frida. It is a plastic Skeleton and I decided to make it into a Frida Muerta. I took some clothes that don't fit
my two year old anymore
and I donated them (of course) but I did take two pieces out to use them to make Frida's outfit. The middle turquoise part of the skirt is hand painted. I had nothing extra in turquoise so I improvised so now its hand painted material and I embellished it with sunflowers.
Her fingernails and toes are painted and I made her some beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For the hair I made a wig out of yarn and not just any wig.
I made an authentic Frida hair-do wig, braid y todo.
Now this piece is not done yet, her outfit and personality is not complete. She is so fun to work on. I feel almost as if she is laughing the whole time that I am dressing her up. Doesn't she look as if she's laughing?
When she is complete, She will be available on my Ebay unless I receive an incredible offer for it I that I can't resist!
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