New Used Flores Original

Ok, I looove these wallets! I have collected some wallets that people no longer use, but, are still in new condition! Some of them were not very attractive. I thought I would add some Flores Pizazz to make them fun! I make sure the wallets are clean and in good condition first. After I am done with them, they are brought to life again. Each wallet has its own personality.

I found this red one and I absolutely LOVE it! I painted a chubby muerta on the front. She has on her sassy polka dotted dress with her awesome hair bob! She has on matching jewelry and is showing off her tattoo. This is a great conversation piece as well. I did add some other embellishments through out the wallet too! I have had this wallet all summer long and the paint does not come off or fade. And I have dropped it and my children have had their share of torturing it as well. I do seal it really well and I only paint on certain types because not all wallets hold the paint.

These are some others that I have available. I will be listing the brown one to the far right on ebay today. I am still working on the last red one with the doves. And the pink one with the funky outfit, well that's spoken for as well. I just borrowed it for the photos. I hope you like these wallets as much as I do. There's a lot more where these came from. Remember to check e-Bay to collect your funky wallet. There will also be photos of the inside, more art to see and enjoy!


fancychola said...

Those wallets are Chingon! I hope I get one before you sell out. I saw you stuff at the "very impressive" Spanish Market, I have some originals, prints, and a wicked bad braclet, but I need more! And by the way the LLorona in my mind is young and beautifull, but sad, and poquito loca. Nice job on those.

Carolyn said...

Thank you for the nice comments fancychola. There will be more wallets available soon. I'm glad your enjoying your Calavera bracelet! Thank you for your Flores Original support chica!

damaniac said...

Now that I'm gainfully employed again, I will have to buy more Flores Originals. In fact the VOICES compel me to buy.

La Chingona