Fall'in in Love...

Ahhh... Fall is in the air.

I love to paint these crosses. This one is dedicated to my favorite season "FALL". I used all the fall colors that make me feel that cool crisp air when I look at it. I touched up the details with a shimmery gold. I also used it on the sunflower in her hair. Take a look at this last photo you can see the tree highlighted with the gold when the light hits it. In the other photos you can see that the wood and painting looks aged. I used a crackle medium.
Fall, the air crisp and sweet,
the wonderful colors are such a treat.
Fall angels are breathing on the trees,
and you could feel it, that cool, fall breeze.
The leaves fall off and dance there way down,
the grass is resting as they fall to the ground.
Beauty and calmness of fall is so sweet.
The wonderful colors what a treat.
Flores Originals
This piece will be available on my ebay page this Friday.


catboxartstudio said...

Fall, finally! And what a lovely way to celebrate it - with a painted cross! It is really pretty and well done. You must do more!

Pam said...

Sooooo beautiful! All the attention to detail...and I bet the pics don't even do it justice!

La Chingona