I am working on Halloween dolls right now. I tried making one doll and had a lot of fun with it. These art dolls are great!! They are so fun. These dolls are 3-d art, or would that be 4-d..? Either way I like love them!
I do have some new originals that I have painted but have not put them on my website yet. I have been busy with other things and have not had a chance to focus on putting them up.

This is an original on wood painted in acrylic (of course). This piece is called Perdido en el Amor translation Lost in Love! This new original will be ready to purchase on my website this week. And, I just might put her on e-bay, but I haven't yet decided.
I had painted one before this called Mi Amor Perdido which means My lost love. I really liked that painting never put it on my website but I took it to the Spanish Market and it sold right away. It is a retablo style painting. Very colorful in person.

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