Like Your Hair Salon!!

Darlin don't I look F A B U L O U S.. Oh my gosh! Another Muerta collectible! This one is .. Marilyn Mon-Muerto! Woot-Woo... She is one sexy skeleton! Ok, her hair-do was a little more difficult to do than Frida's was. I used classic blond yarn (of course). And when she came in to my "salon", I thought I could never give her a classic Monroe hair-do. She started with a hair DON'T! But, after a little TLC and patience, I was able to mold this beautiful hair-DO! She will be up for auction on my e-bay, this Friday night! On a different note. I am also making this adorable jewelry box. Angel themed. It will be finished for posting on my ebay auction on Friday. It is a work in progress in this photo.


Pam said...

Oh my gosh Mister President! Miss Monroe is fabulous! Really she is adorable and sooooo original! I can't believe how cute she came out. You're so talented girl. I love her!!

catboxartstudio said...

I love your Marilyn Monmuerto! She is truly adorable, all of her. Love that hair - excellent job!

Peachy Cheek said...

Wow, the Marilyn Mon-Muerto is amazing! you do amazing work!! I will be sure to follow this blog from here on out!!!

La Chingona