Mz. In da Pendent!

Exciting!! these pendents are coming out gorgeous!! I am working on two sizes right now as you can see from the photo. These photos only show the prep. When they are done looking their best, you will see them here on my blog! I do have a larger size but have not worked on those yet. I am excited for the larger ones because I can show off more color with those. The small ones are great when you want to wear something petite and colorful.
Lovin these pendents.
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LuLu said...

BonjourCarolyn! Thanks for stopping by and for your great comments about my art! Your work is beautiful, love the crosses, the pendants, everything! Come and join my list of "great people who like to read my blog" when you have a minute! Take care, LuLu

Pam said...

Those pendants are gorgeous! Is that a resin coating on top? I can see how beautiful they look in the pics, but I bet up and close they look even more so. Your creative muse is in full bloom, isn't she? ; )

catboxartstudio said...

It's official, I'm now following you! By the way, love your pendants!

La Chingona