You Tube Me Tube What?

I have created a Dia de los Muertos video on You Tube.
This is my first time and I know I am only allowed to use royalty free music, I couldn't find any so it is a silent film. jajajaj... I don't want to pay just to have music, so for now until I find free royalty free music, I'm gonna go with no music. (how boring). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment. Maybe I'll make my own music and use it for my videos. ....

Oh yeah, if you want to see it click here

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catboxartstudio said...

That's a pretty cool idea! Nice way to get lots of people to see your art in a slideshow format. I may have to give that a go (and thanks too for the email about it). You must do Flickr too. I bet alot of art groups will "want you"!

La Chingona