Mesilla de los Muertos!

Well, I am all set for the Dia de los Muertos show in Old Mesilla New Mexico! I completed my inventory and I am ready to hit the road. Here is my prize Muerta. She is 3 feet tall. The tallest Muerta that I have made yet. Is'nt she a "doll"? She is Catrina (Fancy Lady) She comes with Flores Original earrings and a beautiful large pendant. The center of all the jewelry has a Flores Original Calavera painting. Hanging off of her foot is not a toe tag but a Flores Origi-Doll tag. She is poseable but has a hard time sitting with no support because you know her tail bone and all!....
I also have 5 more muertas available for the show. 2 more Catrinas, frida, Marilyn Mon-Muerto & Dead-E Page (Betty Page)... They came out awesome! This is not that great of a photo BUT, I will take more this weekend for the show. I have candles, jewelry, ornaments, retablos, prints & of course the Muertas. Everyone will have an altar for the front of their booth. I have never made one before so wish me luck.
Join us this weekend in old Mesilla to collect your Flores Original!

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catboxartstudio said...

OMG! Everything looks GREAT!! You must take lots o' photos and post them - I wanna see, I wanna see! I wish you the best of luck, and a great show! Have a great Dia De Los Muertos!

La Chingona