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El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe


Santa Fe Show Thanksgiving Weekend

Ready or not? Wow! I feel like I'm always getting ready for a show lately. This is the most shows I've done in one year! I have not had time to post on e-bay either. Well, I could actually squeeze in some time for eBay. But, the prices to list something on eBay has become a bit to high for my taste. So I sure hope that everyone who is looking for a Flores Original this year will go to my website or my Etsy shop. I am also working on a Muerto purse to list only on Etsy. I hope to have that done by the end of this week. Actually, I don't have much of a week. I am leaving on Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with the family. So that leaves me with 3 days. .. tic toc tic toc....
Keep in mind that this piece is still a work in progress. I am still working on her.

I wanted to work on an intimate painting between mother and child. If you are a Mother you know that sweet warm feeling when your baby falls asleep in your arms. You can feel their heart beat, body heat and the rhythm of their breathing. You could just hold them forever.

This is my contemporary retablo of Archangel Michael. This retablo also has a shelf on the bottom. I'm still working on his face. I like for my St. Michael to have a STRONG face. This one keeps coming out real young and innocent looking. I'm going to add a photo of my older painting of a St. Michael. Look at the difference..

The boyish look is kind of cute also, but, I need to fix that bottom lip. Too light. This is an older version of my San Miguel. I love this one. I think I just might put up some prints of him actually. He is very strong looking, makes me feel safe! Next we have a metal frame that holds three of my paintings. With this work, I thought it would look nice if I let the original wood show in the background. The wood is a beautiful orange color. Now I'm thinking, not so much! It's just not as colorful or eye catching as my usual work. I'm also going to stain the metal a little with turquoise. First on the frame is the Sacred Heart.

Next is the Virgin Mary. Her face came out so sweet and sincere looking. Look at her eyes.

And last but NOT least. The Holy Spirit.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you would like to leave a comment or two feel free.

Till next time


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I am almost done with my challenge doll and I will post her soon! I messed up on her face and luckily it was not completely dry so I ripped it off! Pulled the nose off and then the eye and mouth. Well, you gotta do what'cha gotta do! So far so good! I have to work on making her more of a Flores Original face, she still has the Gritty Jane look to it. But, I'll work on that. Practice makes perfect and if all else fails, rip the face off! lol
Anyway, You have to check out my friends blog. She is Pam from the Dia de los Muertos show in Mesilla. She is one of the Calavera Coalation Cordinators. She is a (not to sound too 80's) totally AWESOME artist!! So while your waiting for my doll results (wink), check out Living la Vida Pintada! Her style is so unique. I have her prints here at home!
Blog to you soon!!


I got down to the nitty Gritty with Jane!

Well, I'm pretty much ready for my next upcoming show. Since I have the time, I decided to take a class from Gritty Arts Studio. She makes the most amazing art dolls. I just love them. Obviously I do since I am taking the class. What a fun and challenging class it is. I have learned so much in such a short time. Every morning with my cup of coffee I visit Gritty Arts Studio, along with other really cool blogs, to start my day. You can feel the passion in the work that other artists do, and I feed off of that. I guess that you can say it inspires my day! Anyway I just LOVE Gritty Janes dolls. There is something about them that just grabs you. I have made a few dolls as you already know. But I wanted to know how to incorporate the paper clay onto the fabric. Hence, the Gritty Jane Doll class.You can click on the badge above to go directly to the site.
I made this doll in the class. Now, it is NO gritty Jane original, BUT, I am happy with the results! This will be my keepsake. After the class I will use this new found skill to make Flores Origi-Dolls, that fit my Flores Original style. Now in these photo she still does not have her skirt done. But I'll add those photos when I get them. Off to work on my challenge doll!


My Art

This is My Art
by Carolyn Flores
I paint with the bright intense colors that smile in my head,
laughing at life and honoring the dead.
My precious Blessed Mother and my catholic heart,
my Santos and God who has given me my start,
this is my art!
Thank you God,


Dia's de los Muertos

Mesilla, New Mexico Annual Dia de los Muertos Show. An event to remember!

Mesilla Dia de los Muertos.... All I can say is WOW! What an experience. I enjoyed the whole event not only as a vendor but as a visitor. The people were very polite and festive. Memories of what once was, were shared with everyone through their beautiful altars that surrounded the plaza. They had live entertainment, mariachi's, story telling, pinata, food, & fun for all ages. Not to mention the ambiance of this old town. It was a beautiful & I sure hope to get invited back next year!

My Set Up..... I was so packed with items plus traveling 3 hours from home, that I decided not to take my booth walls. Instead I hung my items with wire. The wire worked really well and left a lot of space for people to walk around. I'm not sure I like the look so much but people seemed to enjoy it!
Here is my altar that is dedicated to my Great Grandma's Gurule and Martinez. It's a traveling altar that I made specifically for this show. I added these charms that hung down in front of the Guadalupe. I used one of my prints of the Guadalupe to be the center focus of my altar. Not because it is my print but, out of great reverence for the blessed Mother.
Here is my 3 foot Muerta. she is Mucho Sexy!! She no longer belongs to me. A lady and her friends fell in love with her. The friend that bought her wanted her, for her office at work. This Muerta is Catrina. I had her sitting on a wire swing. She had her legs crossed and was posing oh so sexy for the camera.

These two cool cats were cruising the plaza dressed in their Muerto attire. One of them was a customer from the day before but I didn't recognize her, until she said, "I have your necklace." I was sooo happy. I LOVE when someone purchases a Flores Original and they love it. I would rather not sell my items to someone who isn't happy with my work. I wish I could show you what the necklace looked like but, unfortunately, I didn't get a shot.

This was a two day event & to make this day even more special the 150-year-old San Albino Catholic Church was made a minor basilica. It was such a beautiful ceremony. They released many white doves into the air upon completion but I was so intrigued that I forgot all about my camera. My spot was right by the church and the ceremony was held outside so I had a really good seat!

I took a some photos of old cars and trucks that people showed off, on the brick road of the plaza as they very, very, slowly drove by. But then low and behold, the Knight Rider comes driving along. I didn't see him coming until he was passing. So I did the only logical thing I could think of. I followed him till he parked and took my photos so that I can share them with you! The first small photo is the inside of the knight rider. Computer and Buttons Galore! The steering wheel was something else! I just love vintage cars.. & now the knight rider. lol

This is it in all its glory, the knight rider ladies and gentlemen!!

I am exhausted and happy. And now it is time for me to get ready for my next show in Santa Fe. So please make sure you stop by the El Museo de Cultural in Santa Fe NM, Thanksgiving weekend!!

Till we meet again.......

La Chingona