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Robert & Dolores


I am almost done with my challenge doll and I will post her soon! I messed up on her face and luckily it was not completely dry so I ripped it off! Pulled the nose off and then the eye and mouth. Well, you gotta do what'cha gotta do! So far so good! I have to work on making her more of a Flores Original face, she still has the Gritty Jane look to it. But, I'll work on that. Practice makes perfect and if all else fails, rip the face off! lol
Anyway, You have to check out my friends blog. She is Pam from the Dia de los Muertos show in Mesilla. She is one of the Calavera Coalation Cordinators. She is a (not to sound too 80's) totally AWESOME artist!! So while your waiting for my doll results (wink), check out Living la Vida Pintada! Her style is so unique. I have her prints here at home!
Blog to you soon!!


Pam said...

I LOVE this one! And that antique gold oval framing is just perfect to give it a unique vintage look.
And thanks for the promo of my blog girl. I really appreciate it.

Simone's Mor said...

I look forward to see your doll too..
My first doll is almost finished..
I just have troubel with the old look.. she looks like a pink pig in the face LOL..
What did you do to get the old look.. ?

La Chingona