Dia's de los Muertos

Mesilla, New Mexico Annual Dia de los Muertos Show. An event to remember!

Mesilla Dia de los Muertos.... All I can say is WOW! What an experience. I enjoyed the whole event not only as a vendor but as a visitor. The people were very polite and festive. Memories of what once was, were shared with everyone through their beautiful altars that surrounded the plaza. They had live entertainment, mariachi's, story telling, pinata, food, & fun for all ages. Not to mention the ambiance of this old town. It was a beautiful & I sure hope to get invited back next year!

My Set Up..... I was so packed with items plus traveling 3 hours from home, that I decided not to take my booth walls. Instead I hung my items with wire. The wire worked really well and left a lot of space for people to walk around. I'm not sure I like the look so much but people seemed to enjoy it!
Here is my altar that is dedicated to my Great Grandma's Gurule and Martinez. It's a traveling altar that I made specifically for this show. I added these charms that hung down in front of the Guadalupe. I used one of my prints of the Guadalupe to be the center focus of my altar. Not because it is my print but, out of great reverence for the blessed Mother.
Here is my 3 foot Muerta. she is Mucho Sexy!! She no longer belongs to me. A lady and her friends fell in love with her. The friend that bought her wanted her, for her office at work. This Muerta is Catrina. I had her sitting on a wire swing. She had her legs crossed and was posing oh so sexy for the camera.

These two cool cats were cruising the plaza dressed in their Muerto attire. One of them was a customer from the day before but I didn't recognize her, until she said, "I have your necklace." I was sooo happy. I LOVE when someone purchases a Flores Original and they love it. I would rather not sell my items to someone who isn't happy with my work. I wish I could show you what the necklace looked like but, unfortunately, I didn't get a shot.

This was a two day event & to make this day even more special the 150-year-old San Albino Catholic Church was made a minor basilica. It was such a beautiful ceremony. They released many white doves into the air upon completion but I was so intrigued that I forgot all about my camera. My spot was right by the church and the ceremony was held outside so I had a really good seat!

I took a some photos of old cars and trucks that people showed off, on the brick road of the plaza as they very, very, slowly drove by. But then low and behold, the Knight Rider comes driving along. I didn't see him coming until he was passing. So I did the only logical thing I could think of. I followed him till he parked and took my photos so that I can share them with you! The first small photo is the inside of the knight rider. Computer and Buttons Galore! The steering wheel was something else! I just love vintage cars.. & now the knight rider. lol

This is it in all its glory, the knight rider ladies and gentlemen!!

I am exhausted and happy. And now it is time for me to get ready for my next show in Santa Fe. So please make sure you stop by the El Museo de Cultural in Santa Fe NM, Thanksgiving weekend!!

Till we meet again.......


Pam said...

I am SO glad you did well. The weather played out for us perfectly didn't it? Everyone seemed to have a really enjoyable time and most of the vendors came close to selling out! If that isn't a perfect weekend then I don't know what is. jeje
Your work looked beautiful girl. And I saw lots of people walking around with Christina's handbags.
I will see you in Santa Fe in a few works. Start painting and don't stop! jeje

catboxartstudio said...

I know I already told you this, but, I'm gonna say it again! Everything at this festival looked fabulous - your art, the set up, just everything! I'm glad to hear you did well and hope that your next festival is just as successful! I'll look forward to more pictures and all the adventures you share here on your blog!

La Chingona