I got down to the nitty Gritty with Jane!

Well, I'm pretty much ready for my next upcoming show. Since I have the time, I decided to take a class from Gritty Arts Studio. She makes the most amazing art dolls. I just love them. Obviously I do since I am taking the class. What a fun and challenging class it is. I have learned so much in such a short time. Every morning with my cup of coffee I visit Gritty Arts Studio, along with other really cool blogs, to start my day. You can feel the passion in the work that other artists do, and I feed off of that. I guess that you can say it inspires my day! Anyway I just LOVE Gritty Janes dolls. There is something about them that just grabs you. I have made a few dolls as you already know. But I wanted to know how to incorporate the paper clay onto the fabric. Hence, the Gritty Jane Doll class.You can click on the badge above to go directly to the site.
I made this doll in the class. Now, it is NO gritty Jane original, BUT, I am happy with the results! This will be my keepsake. After the class I will use this new found skill to make Flores Origi-Dolls, that fit my Flores Original style. Now in these photo she still does not have her skirt done. But I'll add those photos when I get them. Off to work on my challenge doll!


Simone's Mor said...

She is just so pretty :-)
Love your blog... your dolls are really special :-)
Love from Sweden

Pam said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to see the skirt on her too.
That nicho she's sitting in looks familiar. jeje
I want to check out those dolls when I get a chance. I'm by no means good with fabric, but maybe I can pick up some other ideas...especially using that paper clay. Never tried it.
Hope all is well with you. Are you planning on bringing any of your little hanging ornaments to Santa Fe?

Fero® said...

Very beautiful your art!!!
Thank you for your commentary in my blog!

Simone's Mor said...

Hi carolyn
Try to use this translater http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en
A little down on the site you can translate a webpage.
It is not that great... but maybe you can get the idea? ;-)

You need to translate from danish to english but a few from swedich to english.

The two small pics from Prag, did I take on my trips to Prag.
I been there 5 times and I just love it..
It has a sence of old times.. :-)

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh you made her, so cute. Looking forward to see her in cloths and the new doll. I am in the class too!

La Chingona