2008 Was Great!

What an awesome end to a great year! I've been blessed!! I really got EVERYTHING I wanted. And I'm not talking about presents. I wanted snow!! And, well, I got all the snow my heart desired. I had such a great time with family & friends this year. I went on my traditional December vacation, I did really well with my art and I participated in a lot of really awesome art shows.

I had snow from Colorado all the way back to New Mexico. Northern NM that is. So I really want to move more North. If not now for sure when my kids are older. It is so beautiful out there in Northern New Mexico.

We started off with our traditional vacation with the Medrano family

(AKA, The Fancy Chola y familia).

North Pole

My baby daughter & husband the carousal

Here are our 7 kids in the morning at our cabin.

Here is the cabin from the outside

and the stream in the front yard of our cabin...

This cabin is very special to us. This is the last year we bask in its beauty. The wonderful cabin that houses the 10 of us will no longer be open and is up for sale. So I sadly put up the photos of this cabin that holds some of our fondest memories.

Here are our husbands walking up to the cabin.

This is the frozen lake by the cabin.

This is our "scenic route" view. Now we all decided this would be a good idea to take the scenic route home. Not knowing we would be on the road a total of 11 hours!! Talk about a sore ass and cramped legs. Anyway it was a beautiful experience. One of us got grouchy, but I won't mention any names...."D". lol Anyway, good times, good times. We went through snowy mountains, icy roads and darkness.

This first photo looked like an ice island it was flat land, surrounded by hills, covered with snow. Very beautiful and greater in size, than you see here.

We followed the Medrano's vehicle so, you get pretty tired of looking at it after a while.

I thought this shot looked like a cross with a halo on top of it. looked much better in person. But, you get the idea

Well, more snow and it's starting to get dark. The Medrano vehicle is disappearing.

Hours later...... We get into New Mexico..

Herds of Elk are out looking for food.

This is out my window. A vortex of snow that led us finally to Santa Fe Mc. Donalds.

Everyone is hungry and cold and cramped!

Mc. Donalds photo op!

That was Colorado. Fun Fun Fun... After the trip I only had ONE day before Christmas eve.

To start off Christmas Eve early morn.

I baked goodies for the neighbors...

Tins filled with cookies on a stick, candy canes, popcorn & beef jerky.

( We love beef jerky here)

I had 2 paintings (gifts), to finish. Actually one was finished but my 2 year old woke up earlier than me and well decided to paint. So she chose a real shimmery gold and added to my painting. Apparently it was not up to par for her. So I gotta say at least she kept the color scheme going. The other painting was a HUGE saw blade. I was requested to paint a scenery painting. I used to do those type of paintings when I first started learning. But now it's so foreign to me, I don't think I did that great of a job. So I took no front photos to show you only the back of the blade...lol

This photo was blurry it's all I have. The painting is a pin up girl that is smelling our cousins favorite flower the Hibiscus. I also made her the matching necklace.

The recipients LOVED them. So I was very happy of course. Have you seen that movie Four Christmases? My husband and I have six Christmases! But we have a BLAST at every single house.

This is me with my quilt from Grandma Tessie..

Ok we spent the day after Christmas with my Father in law. This was a good time! We went to the top of a Los Alamos snowy hill, tied some sleds to back of his truck and he drove us around. Ok those who were under 13 got drove around. If your older than that you got knocked on your ass! Which is what happened to me, and I loved it to say the least. Talk about fun!!

See in this photo that is me in the dark jacket with white hat. My husband in the red jacket.

We turned a fast corner, I FLEW in the air, got a sheet of snow up my back, then flipped forward FACE first into a pile of snow. AWESOME!!

Our way out, off the LA hill.

Snowy winds

That's the end

Thanks for stopping by!


TheFancyChola said...

EEEE that was so fun! Happy New Year, and the saw you did was awsome, I am so glad that the Mel appriciated it. Making art is a hard living lady, and you are working it! Sorry for the bad spelling, but I'm to worn out to spell check!

Pam said...

Girl you never cease to amaze me! A family vacation, multiple family celebrations, handmade gifts...and you still have time to bake goodies for your friends and familia? Wow! I'm a slug. jejeje
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very quiet but nice just the same. I'm hoping to get to Cali next month, but we'll see. Depends on the finances since I've gotta dig up another $300+ bucks for the vendor fee for San Antonio. Ay!!! I totally understand about the sadness of your cabin being closed down. As a kid, my grandma used to take me and my 20 cousins to a beach house by the ocean that we rented every year. When they tore that house down about 15 years ago I cried. So many memories of time with my grandma and growing up with my cousins.
Ahhh well...have a wonderful 2009 girl. Oh yeah, I've gotta email you about something too, so I'm gonna go there now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas!

Simone's Mor said...

Hi Carolyn
Happy new year to you.. I am glad that you got everything you wanted out of 2008.. I hope that is more than snow.. lol..
Here.. no snow.. just cold..
greetings from Sweden

glorv1 said...

Hey Caroly, Happy New Year. I'm so happy you had a great time. The pictures showed it. I see you have a new layout for your blog. It's great. Take care and have a great week.

Simone's Mor said...

Hi Carolyn
Thank you for your greeting to :-)
I guess the translater makes problems sometimes... It works fine now ;-)

No, I did not make the quielts my self.. I sell them.. I bought them for my internetshop last spring, along with a lot of other stuff.. Now I mad a sale on my blog with them... the prices you see under each pic is with shipping.. in Denmark or Sweden ofcaurse ;-)

You are totally right about the cat.. Now I remember that cat from Alice in Wonderland... that is fun..

The children are my own.. with our dog.. I used the first foto for our family christmas foto.. I sended it out to everyone..

OX from Christina

Danita said...

Hi Carolyn!
I have great news to you in my blog, please drop by when you can :)


Stephanie said...

Well, this was too fun, coming along on your fabulous Christmas vacation!

Enjoyed checking out your Etsy shop too!!!

happy New Year!

La Chingona