Calling All Artists..

Hola All Artists, I have a question that you may be able to help me with. I have been getting requests for Flores Original greeting cards. I have been looking online for greeting cards, that can be made with my images but they are too expensive. If they are charging me 2.50 per card what do you charge your customers. No one wants to pay that much for one card. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them! I would be muy agradecidos ( very thankful )!


Rima said...

Hello Carolyn.. thanks for visiting my blog :)
Good question about greetings cards.. do you know of vistaprint.com ? I can highly recommend them for cheap and good quality postcard/business card printing and more :)
All the best

catboxartstudio said...

Hey Carolyn! I love this post and, you're right - they charge too much! I don't use any online printing service (except for postcards) and I print my own greeting cards. If you're interested, email me your address and I can send you a sample to see if you like them. If you're able to do it yourself, you can save a ton of money. Your art will make fabulous cards - I can see them now!!

Pam said...

Ditto! Print them yourself girl. They have the boxes of blank cards and letters at WalMart and all craft stores. You have your choice of templates too. My gosh...2.50 for a card? Are they curazee? jeje
And btw...if you print cards, why not do postcards too? They're little low end items and everyone loves original art postcards! Felicidades!

glorv1 said...

I agree about printing out your own. Buy the blank cards, your color cartridge, see what that costs. Then print out and see how many cards you get with the color cartridge. After that you can more or less figure out what you'll charge for your cards. Remember that color cartridges are very expensive. Take care Carolyn.

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