Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!!


Come in & pull up a chair

The day before yesterday I was looking at the beautiful photos that rodrigvitzstyle had posted on her blog. I fell in love with them. They really got me in the winter spirit, wishing for snow. Check them out when you have the time.

My favorite weather is Snow!! Why I live in a desert is beyond me.

I was wishing for a white Christmas. And then Vwa-Lah! It started to snow. I wish it would snow all the time. The only thing I like about the summer is swimming. But hey, they have indoor swimming pools for that, right? When we've had a lot of snow here in New Mexico (which is rare), people start with the complaining, "I wish it would get warm already". Ughhh it breaks my ever lovin heart! In my opinion snow is easier to handle than the HOT summery weather. When it's cold outside, you can bundle up with jackets, blankets, extra socks.. whatever you want. When it's hot, you can only get so naked before you start to offend people!

Yup, Snow is a magic blanket that covers the world with happy, peace & joy. You can go outside have a snow ball fight make a snow man or snow woman. Then go indoors to your fireplace roaring, wood stoves blaring, Posole in the air. And sometimes you can smell the aroma of baking, if it's not coming from my own kitchen.

In 2006 we had a record amount of snow. We made a really huge snow man and named him "Beto".


12/30/2006 - 1/05/2006


Melted In Peace

Unfortunately this Christmas, I am overwhelmed with things to do. My tree looks bare, I have no star. We never had a chance to put up the Christmas lights outside. I am STILL not done Christmas shopping. And I am trying to get my orders out. But, all will get done!
And, we are going to the very impressive
drum roll please.....
This is the little bit of snow that we got teased with here in New Mexico..
My kids played in it till after dark! Awww to be a kid again...


TheFancyChola said...

EEee! I too am dreaming of a white Christmas! I love your pictures, they bring back fond memories of that year it snowed! New Mexico has the freakiest weather, one day snow and icy roads, the next all evidence of a winter wonderland has melted away! :(

glorv1 said...

New Mexico has fond memories for me. That is the last place my son lived. He once lived in Albuquerque. I bet its cold, but like you said you can always bundle up. Merry Christmas.

glorv1 said...

Those are great pictures. I like the snow but can feel the cold from here. Actually, it's pretty cold over here right now, but no snow. Merry Christmas

floreta said...

i love the winter picture of the tree. and that looks like a great fire! i only have a faux fireplace.. :P

La Chingona