You Win Some You Loose Some!

I am all showed out!! I thought I would try a show that came highly recommended by a friend. So "The Fancy Chola" and I shared a space. It was a really great craft show. Maybe one of the best I've ever seen. They had so much nice work there and it was very large. They had food, music and fun. I bought some whipped honey. mmm.. But, it was the wrong venue for my type of work. I am sticking strictly to art shows from now on. People do not go to craft fairs to by my type of art. Which I should of known better and I did. But, I thought you never know. I have been selling out on my other shows. Well, I did however, meet some really nice people and had great conversations.
Unfortunately, I had my first shoplifting experience. Wow, I couldn't believe it. Two hippie dudes came into our booth and were mumbling something like, many blessings, thanksgiving, peace peace... and I don't know what they were talking about. And let me just say, I have nothing against hippies. I'm a little hippie myself! So, where was I? oh yeah, I sat back and let them browse. I thought nice they really like my work. They were looking at it for quite a while. Along with The fancy Cholas ornaments. When they left, both of our Santo Nino de Atocha ornaments were gonzo!


Nothing but empty hooks left?


Very Nice!

I hope that Santo Nino watches over them and I pray they can find that job they've been applying for. So they can make enough money to buy the $4.00 ornaments they can't afford.
Pobre los hippies and they're empty wallets. hahahhaha...

By the way you read correctly. Flores Original Ornaments are now only $4.00 each!! I have very few pieces left for 2008 and it is time to start on my 2009 inventory. So I will be posting everything that is left over, on my etsy shop at really reasonable prices. So collect your Flores Original on my etsy shop.

Bye for now,


glorv1 said...

Why would they steal your stuff like that. How mean. On the other hand, you can say they really loved your work and just had to have it. But stealing is against the law. Shame on them. Thx for stopping by my blog. I tried to link your blog but it says it doesn't have a url or something. Have a great week.

Simone's Mor said...

Hmm, some people just steel because they want to steel.. they want to see if they can.. and they could..
So stupid..
It happende to me for more than 20 years ago.. it was a pair of earrings..
I get so dissapointed in people.. If they stole food you could understand right?
How is it going with your grittyjane doll?

LuLu said...

Bonjour Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your great comments about my Peace and Love Angel! Fairs and Shows just about kill my energy, so I do not participate anymore... I met tons of great people but always had a couple of downers that took all the fun out of it! I also figured that I was doing better selling on the net than in shows... Too bad for the pieces that got stolen ...Have a great day! LuLu

Pam said...

Someone once told me that if a person steals your artwork, then that's the greatest compliment. Ha. In my opinion of someone loves your artwork, then they BUY it. These guys were just crooks. Plain and simple. They see something they like and they just take it. Karma will take care of them. As for you, just keep going. I LOVE your artwork! It always makes me feel good...you just have an originality that is traditional, yet still contemporary. Anyways...jeje...sorry about my call to artists blog. But you shouldn't even worry. I know you'll get in, your work is wonderful! I'll probably be headed your way in the next month or two and bring your painting. Ernie said he could frame it no problem. I'll keep you informed.

catboxartstudio said...

That's so sad to hear about the theft at your booth! What comes around goes around, and the thieves will get their so deserved payback! Don't let that get you down though, you keep going with your art, keep exhibiting and selling! The positive always outweighs the negative!

TheFancyChola said...

When it happened, I was like did those greasy, patchouli smelling, sovaco stained boys just swipe our Santo Ninos? Oh no they didn't! Oh yes they did! I hope our four dollar ornaments, bless the bus that they no doubt live in! And yes I do take that as a complement! Maybe he will wear our ornaments in his dreds, great advertising!

La Chingona