The Grand Finale...

Remember when I took the 2008 Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop with Gritty Arts Studio? Well I made 2 dolls. One was the doll that you make in the class. The other was a challenge doll. I didn't have time to complete the challenge doll before the class had ended. So, I picked up the doll and decided to finish this weekend. So here she is. I need to work on molding her face more. Make her more of my own creation. She still has the gritty Jane look to her. (Not at all as good as her faces, but a Gritty Jane to her, none the less.
Here in New Mexico there is an art called Bultos. Bultos are Santos carved, usually with cottonwood root or pine wood. They are painted with either homemade gesso or acrylic gesso, homemade natural pigments, acrylic watercolors, or waterbased pigments. Usually sealed with homemade pinon sap varnish, commercial sealers, or beeswax. I "really" wanted to start this type of art. But, my hands have become really bad. They are swollen, something is cutting of circulation, veins are popping out all over & if that was not bad enough, I know have a small bone popping out of the wrist. And, it is not my wrist bone. I can still paint but my hand is constantly in pain. I will be making a Dr. apt. soon. I recently went to a specialist but (of course) nothing came out of it. And this is after I had underwent a lot of tests. Apparently a swollen, numb, veiny hand is the norm!
Anyway, long story short. Thanks to Gritty Janes workshop, I can make my own bulto type art replica.. And here it is. I started out with the Blessed Mother. She is a mixture of the Guadalupe and Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos. That is why her veil is triangular in shape.
The fabric used for her Vail is stiff and everything is hand painted. She is cloth and Paper clay. She has been sanded and painted in acrylic. The flaming heart is removeable. It is also made of fabric, paper clay & acrylic paint. I put the angel at her feet holding the moon.

Your Thoughts..........


TheFancyChola said...

Wow she came out great! I love it! Good work Lady Good work!

glorv1 said...

I think it looks fabulous. Great work. Listen Carolyn, I hope your hand gets better soon. I had a sore right hand and went to the bone doctor and she took xrays and said it was Trigger Finger. Can you beat that. The middle finger is really sore in the morning and if I try to bend it, it wants to stay that way. Nothing they can do unless it stays bent and then I will need a cortisone shot in the finger. What!! No thanks!! I try not to bend it. Take care and get that hand fixed. You don't want anything interfering with your work.

Simone's Mor said...

Hi Carolyn
Oh my, it is beautiful.. really nice.. waw...
Congrats :-)

I am sorry to hear about your hand.. I hope it is cureble..
You need your hands.. to make all this nice and beautifull stuff..

Thinking about you.

Renee said...

Well, first thought. I LOVE HER.

Great work and she is beautiful.



Thelma-Art said...

I love, love, your bulto, it's amazing I love her.
Please take care of your hands, I'm starting with the sore on my hands, and I avoid to eat to much beef and I drink more water. That give me some relief.

Chubasco said...

beatiful work!!!
I like !!!!

Pam said...

Oh wow!!!! Is this the doll you entered for Santa Fe? She's spectacular!!! I love her! I really hope they accept those dolls of yours. I think they're incredible!

La Chingona