It's That Time Again!

I have a lot of painting to do, new ornaments preparing to be juried & orders to fill! But for right now. I want to blog.

So, I am right now, preparing my art to be juried for that ever so impressive Contemporary Hispanic Market! What if, I don't get in? My body goes numb at the mere thought! I did participate last year, but I have to get juried in again! The pressure.

I am working on a couple of pieces right now. First is this Marilyn Mon-Muerto. Now she is a work in progress! She is NOT completed yet. This painting is 2 1/2' tall. Pretty large! Very fun and VERY vibrant. The contrasting colors make me happy to be alive. lol I am thinking this will be one of my submissions that I will take to be juried.

Next, this is more a scenic painting and is also still not completed. We have a Cantina with the mariachi's playing in the window. Lovers dancing under the moon light. There is a girl smelling a flower on the first window and the middle window two people sitting at a table. See the puppy jumping up on that wall peeking in the window. There is still allot to be done here. Still too much background and grass.

I will be posting the completed results as soon as they are done.

Ok well, I have an appointment in February for my hands. Lets see what happens now. I can't wait and I am praying that they heal them. I posted some photos of my "mitts" and yes they literally look like mitts. They are so swollen. Ok in this first photo the arrow is pointing to my wrist bone (just to show you what is what). The circle is where the bone is popping out. It feels like a broken small bone. I call it a chicken bone. I have my own medical terms. Now my wrist kills me and the pain is traveling up the arm. It's traveled between the wrist and elbow so far.

In this photo to the bottom the arrows are pointing to all of the veins that are protruding out of my hands because circulation is being cut off. You can't really see this in the photo and it's hard to explain. There is a swollen oval area that pops out. This part is not bone it is soft like if there is a lot of tissue built up. And the line on the side of the arm is showing where the weird shape has taken over. Does this look normal?

Aw well, let's see if this doctor says, "well, I don't see anything wrong with your hands".

Till next time my friends!


Renee said...

Carolyn I don't think that your hands do look right.

Have you ever heard of a goiter (spelling). My sister had one and that is what it looked like on her wrist.

I think it needs to be checked and if they say that it is normal, I would tell them that it is not normal for you and you have never had it like that before.



glorv1 said...

Hi Carolyn. I would definitely have that checked, xrayed and all. I love your MM and the rest are just as good. Good luck on being juried. Have a great week. Take care.

glorv1 said...

Hi Carolyn, how is your hand? Get it checked yet? Thx for stopping by my blog. I'll wait on your next post. Take care.

Pam said...

Girl what was the diagnosis/prognosis on your hands??????? I had no idea...I'm sorry! I've been so out of it!

La Chingona