My Danita Doll is in!!

Woo Hoo!!
I received my Danita Art doll today in the mail. I heard the mail man honking, so I had to run out barefoot. If the mailman honks, he has a box and if you don't get it right away they leave that yellow slip. Then you have to go get it yourself from the post office.
Anyway, it was pretty cold on the side walk. But once I saw him holding the box, all I could feel was excitement!
So I brought it in and opened the box, ..then the bag...... then the beautiful orange polka dotted tissue paper! And then Vwa-lah! There sat the cutest little party Danita doll!
How cute is she? Her little party hat and look at the tiny feet, the way she is kicking up her heels.
Now you see how cute they are in the photo? In person they are oh sooo much cuter if you can believe that! Danita did a really good job at packing her safely too. I do apologize about the quality of my photo's. What a magnificent piece of art. The details and craftsmanship is awesome!
Thank you so much Danita, I will cherish it always and pass it down to my daughters! I am having my husband build me a shadow box to hang her in. But, I have to figure out which room she'll go in. The living room, bedroom? Decisions decisions! Thank you so much again!!

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glorv1 said...

Carolyn, that little doll is awesome. Congratulations and enjoy. How neat. Take care.

La Chingona