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~Muerta Wallet~

This is what I am working on at this point & time. As you know I am getting ready to be judged for the ever so impressive Contemporary Hispanic Market! I have to submit 3 paintings for this show. So I am submitting this painting of Marilyn Mon-Muerto. The canvas is hand made by myself and husband. It is almost4' tall, about 4" thick.

Next painting that you see here is my Mujer. She is painting the Blessed Mother and child Jesus. There are about 3 or 4 hidden paintings within the whole painting. You may be able to see the Guadalupe in back of the mujeres dress. This is not a very good photo, I apologize about that. Also that is a water mark going across the center of the painting.

She has bronze highlights in her hair. The Blessed Mother has a very sparkly golden crown. The baby Jesus is holding the Holy Spirit. Around the painted Blessed Mother canvas (in the turquoise) it reads, "Mi Reina, Madre del Verdadero Dios y Madre de Toda la Humanidad" Translation, "My Queen, Mother of the one true God and Mother of all humanity"

The third one has been seen before. A painting I used last year that is painted especially for my baby daughter Lorena!
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glorv1 said...

Good luck Carolyn on your submission. I know the feeling. I had a submission to Humanities of the Arts here in Modesto. I submitted some of my Frida's. 3 paintings from Women of the Eyebrow series, mixed medias and guess what, I won! 1st place in acrylics. Never mind that there were pver 800 entries. It was a bitter sweet experience. I never thought I would win. I had just lost my son that year and a month later I was notified about winning in acrylics. Like I said it was bittersweet. Good luck Carolyn and may the force be with you. Take care.

glorv1 said...

Carolyn, go to my blog and see my marmalade. I'm done for today, tomorrow more. Hey I just wanted to also say that your paintings are excellent, very very nice. I hope you get selected.

Renee said...

your paintings are beautiful and i cannot immagine them not being accepted. xoxo


Carolyn said...

Thank you so much Gloria and Renee for the vote of confidence! And the nice comments! AND for visiting my blog!!

Carolyn said...

Michelle Palmer has left a new comment on the post "Illustration Friday: "Sail"":

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! LOVE your illustrations~ From one self-taught watercolorists to another...you're work is FANTASTIC!
It is a wonderful medium to work with...each paper gives you different results. The best advice I can offer is to purchase the highest quality your budget will allow. Paper seems to be most important but you do want to spend a little extra for professional grade pigments. Many of my students would purchase "expensive" materials...all fancy & wrapped with embellishments~ only to find it would have looked pretty on the shelf, not painted on. The best materials are not fancy...until you put your brush to them!
Wishing you the best!

Renee said...

Carolyn: thank you for your comments. None of the artwork is mine, when I had finished two years of chemo, I just started downloading pictures I liked, I don't know who did them or where I even got them. Now, when I get new ones, I do try to find the artists name and ask them.

I write, I don't do any of the art.

I am glad your friend is fine now, that is a good thing to hear.

I do believe in God. My cancer will not get better though, I am at stage 4 which is the last stage.


Renee said...

Carolyn, I will keep my faith and I would love that you pray for me. I am so grateful that you will do that.

Love Renee

catboxartstudio said...

Good luck with your submission! You should have no problem getting accepted to participate in this event. The paintings are fabulous! The Marilyn Mon-Muerto wallet is cute too! You go girl!

TheFancyChola said...

Your a shoe-in. Or is it shoo-in? Either way...I'm praying for both of us!

Pam said...

Your Marilyn is absolutely charming! One of the things I love about your artwork is that aside from the quality, your originality just shines through. Anyone who can take a popular subject like Marilyn and give her new life is truly talented. I have no doubts that you will be accepted. And then you don't have to go through this again for 5 years!

La Chingona