Ah La Chicana Bro....

La Chingona!
Acrylic 13 1/2" x 6"
on Wood

Here are a couple of paintings that I was working on yesterday. I have finished them. However, I took the photo before I finished and my USB to get the photos, is broken. Now I have to put my memory card into the printer to retrieve. Takes toO long to add more photos. So these ones are good.

First Date

Acrylic 9"x 5 1/2"

on wood

Sorry in this painting I added a watermark and it looks like a big yella smear in the middle bottom of the painting....lol
I will be participating in a show coming up this April It will be a very cool show! Arte de Muertos" in April? Awesome! its not just for November any more. I am really excited about this one. So if your in the vicinity during April 4-5 come join us!

'El Xocalo Historic Convent Event Center'
264 S. Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo, New Mexico
"Arté de Muertos" Mercado is the name of this new artist market featuring specialty vendors of Day of the Dead, Spiritual, Ghosts art, and Metaphysical related services, to be held at El Xocalo Historic Convent Event Center in Bernalillo for two days—April 4th & 5th. Artisans from around the state will be showcasing colorful Dia de los Muertos crafts, as professionals in the paranormal and metaphysical fields share their talents and entertain visitors. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrates the memory and lives of loved ones who have died.
Arté de Muertos Mercado” is offered

Free To The Public!


TheFancyChola said...

She looks awsome Carnal! Haha!

catboxartstudio said...

This show sounds great! You don't have to wait until November - perfect! No doubt, your art will sell, sell, sell!! These paintings are fabulous - love "First Date"!

Pam said...

You know what I love the most about your paintings? They always make me smile! No kidding...they're just so damn adorable! La Chingona rocks. I think I have to have a print of her. And First Date is just too cute. I can almost feel his awkward pain. jeje

mermaid musings said...

i love your chingona.

glorv1 said...

I've really missed a lot of your posts because when you post it just doesn't show up on my reading list. I have you as a favorite but your posts don't show up. I love that chingona, she is cool, but you know what your paintings always make me smile.

La Chingona