Mi Familia

Family Portrait Painting...

I found these cute pieces of wood at a Thrift store and didn't know what to do with them. I liked them so I got them and they have been sitting on my desk (fallen on the floor) for a very long time now. Well, to make a long story I added items in the portrait to tell a little story about each child.

My Son

My Daughter

My Baby

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Pam said...

Aw those are so adorable! I can see a story in each one of those paintings. And of course since I know the kids and know how gorgeous they are, I can appreciate your paintings even more. I think after Santa Fe that I'd like to hire you to paint a couple portraits of my kids too. I so love your style! Oh yeah, and Andie wants to know if you want a slice of cake or a whole cake and what color & toppings you want on the cake ring she's making you. She's making some really cute stuff for the Zocalo event. I look forward to seeing you and Christina!!!!

catboxartstudio said...

You know, these paintings are quite adorable and a great idea! After reading some of the comments you've received it makes me wish I was close by! You guys sound like you have SO much fun! I guess I can always live vicariously through your blogs. Good stuff!

glorv1 said...

I too love painting on wood and those are excellent. Thx for sharing.

La Chingona