¿Qué Pasa En Mi Casa

Well I dropped off my art to be judged!
This year I not only submitted my paintings but I thought I would try out my art dolls. I don't think they have much of a chance, but I thought I would try anyway. The look on the peoples faces were not good. One guy said, "...... these are....... funky?" and walked away. It was funny because, they really are different. I didn't care though. I still submitted them. I was nervous to walk in with them at first. I felt like my shirt was see through and everyone was seeing my business! But then I thought, "they like them or they don't, who cares!" I took a deep breath and let my worries out into the cold Santa Fe air.
I was a lot more confident this year with my paintings. Unlike last years nightmare. And not confident in a way that I think I will surely be excepted. But, confident in a way that I know my art is not horrible. So even if I don't get in, it doesn't mean the end of painting for me.
Here I go babbling on randomly again.
Here is what I have been working on. These are my lino cut cards. I had an order for them. This is my first online order for my cards! To the left is the Blessed Mother & of course to the right is the sacred heart. I have a blast carving out the lino blocks. (I know, I'm weird) Carving these blocks really gets the creative juices flowing.
These cards would make awesome V-day cards!! (I'm just saying).....

I finished this Classy Calavera Bracelet! I added toggles to the ends. This will be easier than the clasps that I had on before. I love these bracelets they are so colorful! Here is the front and back

My Mom (D.D. Margaret, as we call her!) bought me this really cool wallet. Just in the nick of time too! My Muerta wallet is tore up on the inside. My cards and license kept getting stuck in the slots and then I ripped it one day, so basically it holds nothing. I am going to cut out the painting on the leather of the old wallet. I'll think of something to do with it.
This new wallet was brown. So of course I painted it black. Then opened it up and went to town. I am not done. But I got so excited with it I wanted to share. At the top I have two swallows holding up a banner.
Inside the wallet on the pocket I painted a yellow heart with thorns.
The muerta on the other pocket, those are my business cards. People ask me for a card and I always forget to keep some with me. So even though I'm not done with the wallet. I will be totally prepared when I am ready to use it.
I'm smart! lol
Funny story: I always kid that I am dingy, but I have come to the realization that I AM really dingy! I was with some friends Christina (the fancy chola) and Kat, this Sat. in Santa Fe. We were checking out second hand stores/consignment stores. Well I saw some really cool jeans, they had some slight tares on them but, that's the style right? Anyway, as Christina was doing Beyonce moves and singing "single ladies" the store clerk thought she was hilarious. Let me just say, this girl gets laughs EVERY WHERE we go. Even when she's not trying. So as she was explaining to the store clerk she was dancing and the clerk is telling her, "I thought you were getting sick". I was checking out the pants. it read 109 in red pen. Now, when I go to a second hand store 109 means $1.09 so I thought I would ask because those were really cool jeans. The lady gave me a look as if to say, "are you for real?" Yes I am for real!! The pants are $109.00 ? WHAT THE HECK? I wish now that I would of tried the pants on. Apparently everyone else knew those pants were $109. Not me! Dingy? I guess so! I want to know does anyone out there pay this much for used pants? If so, what is the difference? And how much are they, not used?
And that ladies & gentlemen is my funny story for the week!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much!


TheFancyChola said...

HA...that was funny! And for the record the $109.00 jeans were True Religion... you know the kind Fergie sings about in the My Humps song? Did you tell the blog readers that when you asked that silly question,you were also wearing a jacket with runny egg on it?? I love that part!

Carolyn said...

True true, you did get down pretty good!

Carolyn said...

Just so everyone knows the fancy chola and I are only kidding around with each other. We do this on a daily basis. lol

Pam said...

Carolyn! Girl you are not dingy...you're just cute! And no, I would never pay 109 bucks for jeans used jeans even if Johnny Depp had put his sexy ass in them! jeje
How are you? I've been in the land of the dead lately but I'm feeling some life start to stir. Gonna get started on my blog again. When will you know about Santa Fe? Did you get the email about the new Muertos show in Bernanillo? I'm gonna do it. Drop me an email when you get a chance. I've been sick as a dog so I'm on and off the computer.
Hoping all is well in your mundo and your family is in good health. I LOVE that you entered your art dolls! Nobody does anything like that and the panel would be dumb to turn them down. They're so original!

Renee said...

Your work will be 100% accepted, I bet all of it. You are amazing.

109 for jeans (USED). They are crazy. The only way I would pay that is if there was $100 inside one of the pockets.

Thank you for being interested in my stories Carolyn.

Can't wait to hear how you did at the show.

Love Renee

glorv1 said...

Hi Carolyn, glad you stopped by. For some reason or other, when you post something it doesn't show up on my list. Glad you stopped by. I wouldn't pay 109 bucks for a pair of jean, no way jay. :) lol. Hey, who cares about that guy who said your stuff was funky and walked away. He just doesn't know creative when he sees it. I love your creative work. My fingers are crossed and my eyes are crossed and if I could keep my legs crossed they would be crossed too. lololol. Just kidding. Keep up the good work, you'll get in.

La Chingona