To Be Or Not To Be Accepted....

Well, the results are in. As you know I entered my art in New Mexico's largest Hispanic art show The Contemporary Hispanic Market in Santa Fe. I entered into two categories. First, mixed Media for my art dolls. Here is San Pasqual:

I was denied for this category. I'm not disappointed about this because I am very new to making these art dolls. Painting is is what I love to do!

Second Category was Acrylic Painting. I was not denied for this category but, I was not fully accepted either. I was chosen as an alternate. Same as last year. I am happy about this because, I paint almost every night & if I were to be denied, I would have a house full of art sitting in a room or the shed by it's self. I am hoping that they will call me. Or I will be soooo disappointed. So once again I'm hanging by a string. But I have faith that they will call me. So I will be sitting by this phone till they do..

I just finished carving another block for block printing. It is two skeletons holding hands. I included 3 photos of the block. Before the ink is on it, with the ink on it and for the third photo, I colored in some detail in case you can't see it in the photo.

I had my doctors appointment finally for my hands. Basically I have to take the tests all over again. I loath those tests. Well the test where they check to find out if I have nerve damage. They stick needles in the back of my neck, arms wrist elbow and then shock you with electricity.. ughhh gives me the heeby geebies just thinking about it. The doctor did look at my hand briefly and said that, the ball sticking out of my wrist, (what I thought was a broken bone) is a cyst, if it does not bother me there is no reason to have it removed. And the swollen-ness of my hands were carpal-tunnel. But we have to re-do the tests to see the extent of the damage. I don't have an appointment for these tests until March or April. Then a week later I go back to this Doctor to discuss the results. Here I go again...

Well thank you for stopping by I appreciate all your support and nice comments.

Until next time,


glorv1 said...

I love San Juan Pasqual. I have a couple of pictures of him in my kitchen so that he could protect my kitchen.:) Actually I wish he'd protect me from the frig. Sorry he wasn't accepted, but at least your hanging in there. Good luck again.

Pam said...

Well girl, I think it sucks that you were chosen as an alternate, especially since your work is more than qualified to be in the show, but I'm glad you're keeping a positive attitude. And San Pasqual was not accepted is just a downright crime! I love your dolls and think they would have added a new and unique flair to the market. I tried to enter my decoupaged mirrors & stuff last year, but they turned those down too. I don't know why, honestly I saw a lot of other people who do a form of decoupage and use pre-printed images there and I thought mine were better. But...I sound bitter and I'm not really. Well maybe just a teeny bit.
Anyways, I know I'll see you in July, so keep painting! And your linocuts are gorgeous...the calavera lovers are great! I love them.

Flor Larios Art said...

I wish you the best and I hope they call you.
I like your linocuts, well done!
I have carpel tunnel too on my right hand, so now I am using the mouse with my left hand to improve it...will see.
Do you wear a wrist support?
I think I should try that to see if it gets better. It is hurting right now...

But to feel better... Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway. See you there!

La Chingona