It's almost been a month!

Since my last post, I have had the worst allergies this side of Nuevo Mexico! What I thought was a simple cold, lasted for the last 3 weeks and got worse with every week! Last week each night was torture! The thing I hate most is going to bed and not being able to breathe! The horror of it all! By the time Friday had rolled around I FINALLY called the Dr. for an appointment and thought she said the Monday coming up would be my apt. early as possible 8:40am! Perfect! One problem, that Monday was not the 30th. Ughhh, I still had another week to wait! I was bumping into things all day, falling over, I drove into my mail box, drove into my gate! I was getting dangerous. I didn't want to go to quick care so, I found some penicillin in the medicine cabinet and Vwa-La! I am almost all better! Now I only stop breathing early morning around 5:30am. I am awaiting patiently for a full nights sleep! I know it's around the corner...

In the middle of that horrid snot fest, I have been working like a mad woman on my inventory for my upcoming show. The weekend of the 4th & 5th. I do love my work though! It is work, but I love it. I never grow tired of it. When I was making the art dolls I really liked working on them. But, by the 3rd doll, Yikes! It's not my cup of tea. So, I will only do that at my convenience when I feel the need to make one. Other wise, I have pretty much hung up my sewing machine for a while!

I have some photos that I will be posting soon. Ok I have one photo and I need to take the other ones. Then I'll post the photos! I also cleared out my etsy shop.. I will be posting some new works soon.

Sad sad sad, I am pretty sure I have contracted a computer virus from somewhere... My computer is slow, unpredictable and I keep getting booted off the Internet at random times. So I will be getting that fixed, Hopefully by the end of the week!

Well, adios for now! Stay tuned........

La Chingona