Earth Day ABQ Show....

Well, another weekend another show. This show was fun, entertaining & I met a lot of very nice people. The down side is, it was not my venue of patrons. I also forgot my camera. MY CAMERA, NOOOooooo!!
So I took only very few photos with my camera phone. Warning, I have the worst camera phone this side of Nuevo Mexico!
In the above photo is The Fancy Chola in the black, My daughter in the center & her bff Jaeden (nicest kid ever!). They are very occupied with the Japanese dragon dancers and the tai chi performances, as the girls take photos with their camera phones.

Here is a faraway photo of the dragons lined up. You can kind of make out their bright colors of orange and red and yellows.

Here I had two tables at this show one for jewelry the other for originals, prints, light switches and the rest of the works that I carry around with me for shows.
Well that was it in a nut shell it was a one day event outside. I got a bad sunburn. I was wearing a Flores Original necklace & I got burned everywhere but under the necklace. So I have a necklace henna type tattoo! See these Flores Original necklaces can also be used as sunblock! lol
Till next time!

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TheFancyChola said...

Heyyy..congrats on all the success latey..you tatally deserve it!!

glorv1 said...

Hi Carolyn. Looks like you all had a great time at the shows. It must be hard work, packing and setting up, etc.Your work is always so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

Pam said...

Ah-ha so I heard you did well at this one! Glad to hear it girl. Your table looks great and all that sparkling bling...definitely pulls the gente in! When you get a chance, could you email me that site where you get the jewelry findings (you know like the pendant blanks and stuff)? Might be fun to sell those here at our farmers market every now and then and I'm sure Andie can definitely find something to put in those! Okay I'm off to get something actually done today. jeje Talk with you later!

La Chingona