Well, I would like to say, "time to relax" after I have worked so hard and had all of my shows lined up so close together. But, sadly, summer passed me like a blink of an eye. And now it is that time again, school shopping, supplies, school volunteering etc...
I have a couple of months to get ready for my next line of shows. Starting again in October. I will post all of my shows schedules here on my blog, so make sure you stop in from time to time!

The Contemporary Hispanic Market, was amazing as usual. I can't believe the floods of people from around the world that come down for this event! I met people from Europe, France, Mexico, India, Jamaica and that is just naming a few! Not to mention the peeps from around our good 'ol' USA. New York, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Maine, Arizona and that is just naming what my tiny mind can remember. I love talking to everyone who visited my booth. So many interesting stories and beliefs.

Another thing I found interesting, that really made me nervous last year, is the opinions/criticisms. I was terrified someone would not like my art, last year. I didn't really hear any negative comments last year. Maybe, I didn't let myself. This year I heard about 10% negativity towards my work, not even a hand full of them. But, I thought it was interesting and somewhat funny. Because I understand it is just ignorance about, not only Dia de los Muertos but the latino culture in general. Funny to see noses turn up at my "Chingona" and "Mama Chola" and "La Borrachas" ..ect.. (which were all sold, by the way, Prints completely sold out as well!). When I saw my first Muerte, I was a little uneasy about it myself. I thought, "oweee, why would someone want a skeleton in their home, reminding them about death"? I thought, "just because you put a dress on it, how does that make it not scary"? So I started researching and reading (yes reading), about the celebration. It's not scary, it's beautiful! It really is. It has also helped me not fear death so much.

During Dia de los Muertos, people go out and celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. How many of us take a WHOLE weekend, to celebrate and remember a loved one who is no longer around, annually? AND share those memories with strangers? During the Day of the Dead you see "ofrendas" "altars" These are beautiful works of art that represent, memorialize & tell a story about that special someone and what they brought into their loved ones lives!

For example last year at the Dia de los Muertos show in Mesilla, there was very beautiful altars. One in particular stood out to me. It was the families Grandfather. On his altar they had fun photos of their grandfather with his grandchildren, loving photos of him with his wife, the Grandfather working. .. etc. They included his reading glasses, his remote and his hard hat from when he worked construction, along with other special items that specifically represented their grandfather! They also had out his favorite foods and drink. It is believed that when their loved ones spirit comes to visit, the spirit will get the essence of the things they loved, back here on earth! It is so beautiful. Those altars show the world, who they were and how much they meant to this familia! I cant think of a better way to honor someone who is no longer on earth, than that!

Anyway, I heard people say things like, "I know that "stuff" is supposed to be happy "stuff" but Marilyn Monroe was an icon, and to portray her as a skeleton is just awful." or "That's horrible, look at that!" or "Oh My Gosh (roll of the eyes)" jajajaa... And then I had others who thought my Marilyn Mon-Muerto was "hilarious, brilliant, great imagination..etc. and then there were those who thought "she is so beautiful, wow good work, what talent, I'm amazed...etc. People found the horror, humor & beauty in one painting! That is so awesome! I made people "feel"! I made people "feel"!

As an artist all of these opinions feed my drive to paint! I love it!! I still have Marilyn and will be working on her friends, Dead-E Page, Elvis, James Dean..etc.. That's for next year!

Well, here are some of the Flores Originals that were sold this past weekend at the "impressive" Contemporary Hispanic Market!

Well, my shows may be over for now, but in the mean time, I will be working on new pieces for my upcoming shows starting in October! Time for this home-maker to get back to her house work and try to enjoy what is left of summer '09'! Thank you for stopping by and please stop by my Etsy shop for your unique Flores Original!
God Bless,


Kim said...

Hey Carolyn!

Thanks for stopping by. You are right I have made a lot of changes..hopefully for the better. I like to revamp things once in a while.

In regards to the necklace, good question. I use cabachons, but I am thinking about no longer using them and just using resin. I think resin might be easier, except for maybe bubbles.

Cabachons are very pretty, but they require alot of glue, and my biggest fear is someone dropping them hard on the floor and the clear cabachon falling off, which can happen because of the weight and just glue.

So I am either going to continue to use the cabachons, but use a different shaped pendant, so that there are some thing aroudn the stone, holding it in.

Or I am going to switch to resin.

I see that you also have pendants. What do you use?

Thanks and take care!!!


glorv1 said...

Carolyn, congrats on all the sales. Great prints. How interest to listen to Kim talk about what she uses and why. I like that. Peachy Cheek is quite a gal and just keeps growing and growing. You guys are great. Have a great weekend Carolyn.

La Chingona