Gotta Cool Feva...

I'm so excited it's almost Fall! Fall is my favorite season, its like the curtains at a show that introduce the star. And in this case the star is WINTER! Ahhh... It may seem far away to others but to me I can see its head coming up the road real quick. And its getting closer and closer!

School has started and my life has a schedule again. I decided to move out of the art room and make it into a play room for my 3 year old. I am now the proud owner of an "Art Closet"! I have included the photo. When I am done I'll try to post the finished photos. I'm not promising because I seem to forget.
You can see all of my skeletons hanging on the wall. These babies are getting ready for the show in Mesilla. I have my jewelry supplies and originals, frames & yes a painting in the background. I thought it spiced up my closet, that I painted a terracotta red. I don't do well with white walls. They make me feel itchy..... jajaaa...
last minute show....
Next Show:
will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Los Lunas RailRunner Train Station. The art market will celebrate the grand opening of Café Uno in Los Lunas in the transportation building. The event will include more than 25 artists, demonstrations, food, entertainment and car and motorcycle show.
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Anna Rodriguez said...

Hi Carolyn!
So glad that you posted again! (I check daily.)

I completely understand what you mean about the Fall. The colors, the cool weather, Halloween, Fall festivals, sweaters all make this time of year a little more bearable. I love the cool weather and hate the heat!

School has started for us here, too, but it is a new schedule and feels a bit hectic.
Best of luck to you on your upcoming shows!
BTW- I recently paid a little homage to you on my new blog because of the inspiartion you have given me through your honest blog and work! Thank you!
~Anna www.thesolwithinanna.blogspot.com

Pam said...

You got organized??? Wow girl...you have my admiration! I don't know how you do it but somehow you do. Can you write a book? Because my workspace is a DISASTER! No kidding...crap everywhere and it's closing in on me. Last night I had an avalanche when a large wooden panel fell down and everything that was stuffed behind it fell down too. *sigh* Oh well. Time for chocolate. jeje You never cease to amaze me!

glorv1 said...

I like that red in the closet. It makes it come to life. Good luck in your next show. I love fall too. It is my favorite time of year and so is Winter. I seem to blossom when this time comes around. Thx for sharing. Take care.

La Chingona