Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

I'm so excited I just won the autographed copy of Anjanette Delgado's novel, The Heart Break Pill! I won it off of The Sol Within Anna's blog After reading the interview with the author off of Anna's blog, my attention had been caught! I am excited to read this book, when I am finished with the book I will post my thoughts! Yayyy...
Thanks Anna!


Anna Rodriguez said...

Thank you, Carolyn for stopping by and checking out the Latino Virtual Book Tour! I'm so excited that you won the autographed book!

By the way, another Latino Virtual Book Tour is happening right now. I will be hosting author, poet, and retired bilingual teacher...Lucha Corpi. Stop by Friday, Dec. 4th to see what Lucha has to say about her life- struggling as a single mother just after she arrived in the U.S.

All the best to you and thanks for your support!

glorv1 said...

Congrats Carolyn. I like the new layout of your blog. Good luck on all your shows. Take care.

La Chingona