Starting From Scratch..

January, time to start from the beginning! I am in the process of getting everything ready to get juried again. Please cross your fingers for me. I am talking about my biggest show, the Contemporary Hispanic Market! I am going to enter two categories this year. One: acrylic paintings and two: mixed media. My mixed media will consist of wood, clay, Flores Original replica and acrylic paint. I have to have 3 examples for each category. The deadline is Feb. 6th. When I am done with them I will post them here on my blog for your critiquing!

I received the book that I recently won from The Sol Within Anna's blog, called The Heartbreak Pill by Anjanette Delgado. I am taking a trip on Saturday and this will give me some reading time. I am excited to read it! I'll share my thoughts on the book when I'm done with it.

I better get back to work for now. Thank you for stopping by!

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