Carolina Flores x 3

San Antonio was so beautiful. We had Linner (lunch the size of Dinner) at Mi Tierra. Had some drinks in the middle of the day. It felt good to be away from the everyday hustle bustle! The murals and decorated rooms in Mi Tierra were amazing! I recommend it to everyone. Although, I was shocked that the Mariachis charge $5 a song. I really enjoyed shopping at the Mercado and buying fun souvenirs!


Anna Rodriguez said...

I enjoyed your pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Everything looked so fun and beautiful!

$5 per Mariachi song, really? Well I guess they need to make a living too.

Glad you had a great time!


Gloria said...

Wow, those were great photos. Thanks for taking me on a tour, I loved it. I've never been to Texas. Some day we will go there just to tour,eat and have fun. I loved all your art being exhibited and it looks like you had a great time. Have a great week Carolyn, take care.
I can never link to your blog, I don't know why. It never comes up on my list. Any hoooo, I was here through someone elses blog. I seen your mi vida loca and clicked. Bye.

La Chingona