Workin it, Workin it... 

I had a little set back recently. My husband had some health issues so, my work was set aside (naturally) until I felt that he was well enough so that i can work next to him. Its really nice having him home though. He keeps me company and is "supposed" to critique my work, ajaja but he never has anything negative to say about it. So, i ask my kids, they're brutally honest & that is what helps me. 

In my earlier post, I was crushed, I didn't think I would be participating in the San Felipe de Neri, Santero show. Well, I WILL be participating!! I am ecstatic and oober inspired working on new Santero pieces. 
I use some of my favorite saints every year with a new twist each time. Of course the Blessed Mother is one, San Pasqual patron saint of kitchens and cooks and Santa Marta another patron saint of Kitchens and cooks. To choose which other saints I choose, I read different life stories of the saints and when one hits me, I go with it, paint it and try and incorporate their story into my work. 
I post a lot of my work completions as well as work in progress' on my Facebook fan page. 


Mi Vida Loca

Lonesome Road Blues

For Sale 
~Yellow Calavera~
Acrylic on Canvas

Headed down a new road here in art land. I was accepted into Tucson, Arizona's 4th Ave. Street Fair for the month of Dec. My whole family LOVES this Tucson show, but the expense of  the booth is too rich for my blood this year. I'm really heartbroken that I also did not have the fee to participate in Alb. San Felipe's Santero show in Oct. I am taking a different road than my beloved fellow artists and it sucks not being able to travel and visit with them, but life takes us down different roads all the time. 
I have some plans up my sleeve. I lined up another show in Dec. a small local show and I have high hopes. I am also looking into taking some classes to finish a degree i once started. I will still be participating in Santa Fe's Contemporary Hispanic Market in July and a new Dia de Los Muertos show in El Paso, this show should be super wicked fun AND I can see my awesome fellow artists there. I will also have some work at a few galleries here in NM and Colorado. I will update the names when I submit the work. 

the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso 

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First of the Series for Sale Only $35
Type "SOLD" on my FaceBook fan page post. 



I am getting ready to put some smaller work up for sale. 
Lately, my husband has been having medical complications and those bills keep coming in. I was hoping they would some how magically get paid, but that doesn't happen in real life... does it? This is my main source of income so I rely on every penny. 

Stay tuned for colorful original work for sale... 

I will dropping off a large piece for the very awesome AZ/NM 2nd annual art show that will be held in Albuquerque this year. If you live in New Mexico or are down this way, make sure and  
check it out. 


Its been so long since I have blogged.
I really miss blogging and viewing other blogs.
Since I have last posted a lot of life has happened.
Good, bad, Not so bad and not so good and everything in between...
Im going to try and get back to blogging starting today.
I will be posting events in the life of an artist, Mom and wife.
You can also find me on Facebook and follow my fan page at
I will have some pieces available here: 

La Chingona