From The Bottom of My Heart...

Painting by David Alfaro Siqueiros I apologize, I had planned on listing my new items on e-bay this Friday. However, due to a family emergency, I am unable to. Please check in often for updates.

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Like Your Hair Salon!!

Darlin don't I look F A B U L O U S.. Oh my gosh! Another Muerta collectible! This one is .. Marilyn Mon-Muerto! Woot-Woo... She is one sexy skeleton! Ok, her hair-do was a little more difficult to do than Frida's was. I used classic blond yarn (of course). And when she came in to my "salon", I thought I could never give her a classic Monroe hair-do. She started with a hair DON'T! But, after a little TLC and patience, I was able to mold this beautiful hair-DO! She will be up for auction on my e-bay, this Friday night! On a different note. I am also making this adorable jewelry box. Angel themed. It will be finished for posting on my ebay auction on Friday. It is a work in progress in this photo.


Mz. In da Pendent!

Exciting!! these pendents are coming out gorgeous!! I am working on two sizes right now as you can see from the photo. These photos only show the prep. When they are done looking their best, you will see them here on my blog! I do have a larger size but have not worked on those yet. I am excited for the larger ones because I can show off more color with those. The small ones are great when you want to wear something petite and colorful.
Lovin these pendents.
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Fall'in in Love...

Ahhh... Fall is in the air.

I love to paint these crosses. This one is dedicated to my favorite season "FALL". I used all the fall colors that make me feel that cool crisp air when I look at it. I touched up the details with a shimmery gold. I also used it on the sunflower in her hair. Take a look at this last photo you can see the tree highlighted with the gold when the light hits it. In the other photos you can see that the wood and painting looks aged. I used a crackle medium.
Fall, the air crisp and sweet,
the wonderful colors are such a treat.
Fall angels are breathing on the trees,
and you could feel it, that cool, fall breeze.
The leaves fall off and dance there way down,
the grass is resting as they fall to the ground.
Beauty and calmness of fall is so sweet.
The wonderful colors what a treat.
Flores Originals
This piece will be available on my ebay page this Friday.


You Tube Me Tube What?

I have created a Dia de los Muertos video on You Tube.
This is my first time and I know I am only allowed to use royalty free music, I couldn't find any so it is a silent film. jajajaj... I don't want to pay just to have music, so for now until I find free royalty free music, I'm gonna go with no music. (how boring). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment. Maybe I'll make my own music and use it for my videos. ....

Oh yeah, if you want to see it click here


New Items listed on My eBay...

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The Grand Finale

Well, I am finished with my contemporary retablo. I was happy to see the look on the owners face. It is well worth the transaction, when the customer is happy, so am I!! The request was St. Padre Pio holding up the new baby in their family. He is a cutey! I really enjoyed painting him. Looks like the intellectual type right? Welcome to the world little Roman and God bless!


Help Wanted

Ok, I am trying to think of ideas for a fundraiser that I help with at my daughters school. They are a very small school, not federally funded and the fundraisers help keep the school open. This event takes place at the end of October. Every year, each class comes up with a themed "basket" so to speak. One class puts together a Christmas basket and fills it with items for Christmas. Another might purchase a bunch of gift cards and give those. One year we did a "gas relief" basket with a lot of gift cards for gas as well as oil changes ect... you get the picture. My mind is drawing a blank. So if you have an idea PLEASE share it with me. I am open to all suggestions. Anyone? hello...?

Oh Baby!

Here is what I am working on today. I have been asked to paint one of my contemporary retablos. This particular piece will be of Padre Pio holding a new baby that has joined their family. Very cute baby!! This project should be fun. I am going for a softer look than I usually use, because it is going in the babies room. I will add the finished photo soon. ..... to be continued.......


Happy Birthday Blessed Mother

Today September 8th, is the Birth date of our Blessed Mother. The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated on September 8, for almost 15 centuries now. With great reverence I wish our Blessed Mother, Happy Birthday.

....New Mexico State Fair...

Don't forget to look for my La Llorona Paintings at the Hispanic Cultural Center during the New Mexico State Fair. There are two of them there and they are for sale.

Busy, Busy, Busy.......

Hello everyone! I have been so super busy! I have so many things to do and so little time. I didn't get a chance to list anything this Thursday on ebay as promised. I have my new items ready but I haven't photographed yet or made the description page. So, they will be up for auction this Thursday. "Eventually" I will update my website as well.
Well, we are already sliding fast into September. This gives me less than two months to get ready for the 2 shows I have coming up in November. It is more than enough time. But, I feel a little overwhelmed with projects right now. On top of it all, I am working on jewelry as well. I will post some photos of those soon. Better get back to work! Feel free to leave your comments.


I am working on Halloween dolls right now. I tried making one doll and had a lot of fun with it. These art dolls are great!! They are so fun. These dolls are 3-d art, or would that be 4-d..? Either way I like love them!
I do have some new originals that I have painted but have not put them on my website yet. I have been busy with other things and have not had a chance to focus on putting them up.

This is an original on wood painted in acrylic (of course). This piece is called Perdido en el Amor translation Lost in Love! This new original will be ready to purchase on my website this week. And, I just might put her on e-bay, but I haven't yet decided.
I had painted one before this called Mi Amor Perdido which means My lost love. I really liked that painting never put it on my website but I took it to the Spanish Market and it sold right away. It is a retablo style painting. Very colorful in person.

La Chingona