Mesilla de los Muertos!

Well, I am all set for the Dia de los Muertos show in Old Mesilla New Mexico! I completed my inventory and I am ready to hit the road. Here is my prize Muerta. She is 3 feet tall. The tallest Muerta that I have made yet. Is'nt she a "doll"? She is Catrina (Fancy Lady) She comes with Flores Original earrings and a beautiful large pendant. The center of all the jewelry has a Flores Original Calavera painting. Hanging off of her foot is not a toe tag but a Flores Origi-Doll tag. She is poseable but has a hard time sitting with no support because you know her tail bone and all!....
I also have 5 more muertas available for the show. 2 more Catrinas, frida, Marilyn Mon-Muerto & Dead-E Page (Betty Page)... They came out awesome! This is not that great of a photo BUT, I will take more this weekend for the show. I have candles, jewelry, ornaments, retablos, prints & of course the Muertas. Everyone will have an altar for the front of their booth. I have never made one before so wish me luck.
Join us this weekend in old Mesilla to collect your Flores Original!


Up To My EyeBalls.....

I have been sooo busy lately I have had no time to blog. Since my Grandfather is awaiting "impatiently" at home for his back surgery and can not go anywhere, And since my children will be going with me to my upcoming show in Mesilla and will be missing out on Halloween. I decided to make our own Halloween celebration. A Halloween Festival for all ages. It started out with a little bit of family and friends and now has turned into a whole lot more and a pinata! But, the more the merrier . I decided to make a large spider pinata. Which has been a fairly easy project, time consuming, but easy. I think its coming out pretty perfect. I added string to hang it and it is pretty smooth, I left a small opening for the candy. I do have to go get more candy for this spider. Her belly is larger than expected. As soon as the party is over, I am going to be in rush mode to get my Mesilla show items ready. I need to get more candles. I have not started my prints. My ornaments have no string yet. Ahhhhh ...

I have been working on so many projects. I donated a very special ornament to my parish to hang at the archdiocese of Santa Fe. I also donated an ornament package of kitchen saints to the Calcutta in Belen. I just dropped off some art at the Tome Art Gallery for their Dia de los Muertos show. They are between Los Lunas and Belen near Tomé Hill. They have some pretty wicked stuff that other artists have submitted. Especially the senorita hand bags by Christina! You know I love those You can see one of her bags here at The Fancy Chola boutique on etsy. She will be posting more but needs as much inventory as possible for her upcoming shows.

Well I have purchased some more eskeletos/skeletons. So I will have some Frida's and Marilyn's and and a secret new one! I'll post them when they're all done. I'll also post the finished result of the Spider pinata. Well it's early and I have not had my coffee. So I am off to get that and then work on my pinata and tomb stones for the party!!


Mira Mi Gorditas!

Flores Origi-Dolls

These are my new Gordita dolls, painted on canvas. They are just so cute! The colors are so very vibrant. The one in the photo still has some details left to finish. The other one is sketched out and ready to paint. There will be a line of them coming up. I don't think I will post these on e-bay. However, they will be available on my website. What do you think?


Get Your Flores Originals

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Flores Original collections of art.
*Marilyn Mon-Muerto Skeleton Doll

*Angel Light Switch Cover

*Angel KeepSake Jewelry Box
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Where in the world is Carolyn Sandiego?

I'm HERE!!
Remember that cartoon, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I just thought it was funny. (My joke, not the cartoon! lol)

Anyway, I have been up to my eyeballs in jewelry, ornaments, prints, candles.. I am getting ready for my show in Mesilla. My Grandfather is doing better now so I am back to work! On top of getting ready for the show, I am working on a commission job for my parish (fun) and also trying to get donations to support my daughters school. And, you know my regular everyday chores. Frankly, I am EXHAUSTED, But, I have so much fun doing it! Love my job, LOVE IT!!

100's of Ornaments
Jewelry get your Awesome Jewelry!
I also decoupaged one of my paintings onto this light switch plate. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. But, it's so colorful and fun!
Ok, and Poor Marilyn Mon-Muerto is STILL waiting to be auctioned off on ebay! I promise I am listing her today and scheduling the bidding to start this Thursday evening at 7:pm
New Mexico time!

Wheeeww, that was a LOT of blogging! I have to go now and prepare my turkey for dinner tonight!

Thanks for stopping by and come back again soon.

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See Ya!


Mi Abuelo Mi Corazón

Well, I'm back! I was recently at the hospital with my Grandpa who is suffering from a herniated disk. We got him the help that he needs (finally) and I am so relieved that he is doing better. There is still more to this procedure but thankfully we have found a wonderful medical staff to help us get him through it as painless as possible. Which let me tell you it's horribly painful!! This is us in the photo making weird faces. Before it was hard for him to stand up. He's a silly, fun loving, Grandpa! I heart Grandpa!!

La Chingona