2008 Was Great!

What an awesome end to a great year! I've been blessed!! I really got EVERYTHING I wanted. And I'm not talking about presents. I wanted snow!! And, well, I got all the snow my heart desired. I had such a great time with family & friends this year. I went on my traditional December vacation, I did really well with my art and I participated in a lot of really awesome art shows.

I had snow from Colorado all the way back to New Mexico. Northern NM that is. So I really want to move more North. If not now for sure when my kids are older. It is so beautiful out there in Northern New Mexico.

We started off with our traditional vacation with the Medrano family

(AKA, The Fancy Chola y familia).

North Pole

My baby daughter & husband the carousal

Here are our 7 kids in the morning at our cabin.

Here is the cabin from the outside

and the stream in the front yard of our cabin...

This cabin is very special to us. This is the last year we bask in its beauty. The wonderful cabin that houses the 10 of us will no longer be open and is up for sale. So I sadly put up the photos of this cabin that holds some of our fondest memories.

Here are our husbands walking up to the cabin.

This is the frozen lake by the cabin.

This is our "scenic route" view. Now we all decided this would be a good idea to take the scenic route home. Not knowing we would be on the road a total of 11 hours!! Talk about a sore ass and cramped legs. Anyway it was a beautiful experience. One of us got grouchy, but I won't mention any names...."D". lol Anyway, good times, good times. We went through snowy mountains, icy roads and darkness.

This first photo looked like an ice island it was flat land, surrounded by hills, covered with snow. Very beautiful and greater in size, than you see here.

We followed the Medrano's vehicle so, you get pretty tired of looking at it after a while.

I thought this shot looked like a cross with a halo on top of it. looked much better in person. But, you get the idea

Well, more snow and it's starting to get dark. The Medrano vehicle is disappearing.

Hours later...... We get into New Mexico..

Herds of Elk are out looking for food.

This is out my window. A vortex of snow that led us finally to Santa Fe Mc. Donalds.

Everyone is hungry and cold and cramped!

Mc. Donalds photo op!

That was Colorado. Fun Fun Fun... After the trip I only had ONE day before Christmas eve.

To start off Christmas Eve early morn.

I baked goodies for the neighbors...

Tins filled with cookies on a stick, candy canes, popcorn & beef jerky.

( We love beef jerky here)

I had 2 paintings (gifts), to finish. Actually one was finished but my 2 year old woke up earlier than me and well decided to paint. So she chose a real shimmery gold and added to my painting. Apparently it was not up to par for her. So I gotta say at least she kept the color scheme going. The other painting was a HUGE saw blade. I was requested to paint a scenery painting. I used to do those type of paintings when I first started learning. But now it's so foreign to me, I don't think I did that great of a job. So I took no front photos to show you only the back of the blade...lol

This photo was blurry it's all I have. The painting is a pin up girl that is smelling our cousins favorite flower the Hibiscus. I also made her the matching necklace.

The recipients LOVED them. So I was very happy of course. Have you seen that movie Four Christmases? My husband and I have six Christmases! But we have a BLAST at every single house.

This is me with my quilt from Grandma Tessie..

Ok we spent the day after Christmas with my Father in law. This was a good time! We went to the top of a Los Alamos snowy hill, tied some sleds to back of his truck and he drove us around. Ok those who were under 13 got drove around. If your older than that you got knocked on your ass! Which is what happened to me, and I loved it to say the least. Talk about fun!!

See in this photo that is me in the dark jacket with white hat. My husband in the red jacket.

We turned a fast corner, I FLEW in the air, got a sheet of snow up my back, then flipped forward FACE first into a pile of snow. AWESOME!!

Our way out, off the LA hill.

Snowy winds

That's the end

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Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!!


Come in & pull up a chair

The day before yesterday I was looking at the beautiful photos that rodrigvitzstyle had posted on her blog. I fell in love with them. They really got me in the winter spirit, wishing for snow. Check them out when you have the time.

My favorite weather is Snow!! Why I live in a desert is beyond me.

I was wishing for a white Christmas. And then Vwa-Lah! It started to snow. I wish it would snow all the time. The only thing I like about the summer is swimming. But hey, they have indoor swimming pools for that, right? When we've had a lot of snow here in New Mexico (which is rare), people start with the complaining, "I wish it would get warm already". Ughhh it breaks my ever lovin heart! In my opinion snow is easier to handle than the HOT summery weather. When it's cold outside, you can bundle up with jackets, blankets, extra socks.. whatever you want. When it's hot, you can only get so naked before you start to offend people!

Yup, Snow is a magic blanket that covers the world with happy, peace & joy. You can go outside have a snow ball fight make a snow man or snow woman. Then go indoors to your fireplace roaring, wood stoves blaring, Posole in the air. And sometimes you can smell the aroma of baking, if it's not coming from my own kitchen.

In 2006 we had a record amount of snow. We made a really huge snow man and named him "Beto".


12/30/2006 - 1/05/2006


Melted In Peace

Unfortunately this Christmas, I am overwhelmed with things to do. My tree looks bare, I have no star. We never had a chance to put up the Christmas lights outside. I am STILL not done Christmas shopping. And I am trying to get my orders out. But, all will get done!
And, we are going to the very impressive
drum roll please.....
This is the little bit of snow that we got teased with here in New Mexico..
My kids played in it till after dark! Awww to be a kid again...


Unique & Awesome Christmas Gifts

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Feliz Navidad



Calling All Artists..

Hola All Artists, I have a question that you may be able to help me with. I have been getting requests for Flores Original greeting cards. I have been looking online for greeting cards, that can be made with my images but they are too expensive. If they are charging me 2.50 per card what do you charge your customers. No one wants to pay that much for one card. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them! I would be muy agradecidos ( very thankful )!


You Win Some You Loose Some!

I am all showed out!! I thought I would try a show that came highly recommended by a friend. So "The Fancy Chola" and I shared a space. It was a really great craft show. Maybe one of the best I've ever seen. They had so much nice work there and it was very large. They had food, music and fun. I bought some whipped honey. mmm.. But, it was the wrong venue for my type of work. I am sticking strictly to art shows from now on. People do not go to craft fairs to by my type of art. Which I should of known better and I did. But, I thought you never know. I have been selling out on my other shows. Well, I did however, meet some really nice people and had great conversations.
Unfortunately, I had my first shoplifting experience. Wow, I couldn't believe it. Two hippie dudes came into our booth and were mumbling something like, many blessings, thanksgiving, peace peace... and I don't know what they were talking about. And let me just say, I have nothing against hippies. I'm a little hippie myself! So, where was I? oh yeah, I sat back and let them browse. I thought nice they really like my work. They were looking at it for quite a while. Along with The fancy Cholas ornaments. When they left, both of our Santo Nino de Atocha ornaments were gonzo!


Nothing but empty hooks left?


Very Nice!

I hope that Santo Nino watches over them and I pray they can find that job they've been applying for. So they can make enough money to buy the $4.00 ornaments they can't afford.
Pobre los hippies and they're empty wallets. hahahhaha...

By the way you read correctly. Flores Original Ornaments are now only $4.00 each!! I have very few pieces left for 2008 and it is time to start on my 2009 inventory. So I will be posting everything that is left over, on my etsy shop at really reasonable prices. So collect your Flores Original on my etsy shop.

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One Down Two to Go!

I was honored to be able to participate in the Contemporary Hispanic Winter Market! I had a really nice spot that included lighting for my paintings. I was one of the first booths you saw when walking into El Museo.
Please bare with me. The genius that I am, I forgot my camera. Luckily my daughters mp4 takes photos. The photos are not as clear as usual but it got the job done! She was my helper for the show, a very good helper & future artist! Before I move on to the show.
This is Santa Claus from the North Pole, located in Colorado! Now the photos on their website, do NOT do this place justice! Oh my goodness, I LOVE it there. For the last two years we have gone right before Christmas to visit there. The town next to the North Pole has a strip of amazing shops that we walk up and down! It is BEAUTIFUL! I am hoping to make enough sales to take my family back again this year. I am trying to make it a tradition. I am and will always be a kid at heart. I love these holiday seasons. This is her, last year, with Santa. My Flores Original photographer. Isn't she gorgeous?

Ok, got lost in the North Pole for a while there. Here is a photo of my display. This is the first morning, I was still organizing and making sure there were no crooked paintings on the wall.

I don't know exactly why she waited for the table to look sloppy to take this photo. During the show the table was not organized like this. I use this table for sales, and business cards. Also, for candy! If you come by my booth please feel free to get a candy or three! That's what they're there for. These next two photos are a couple of my favorite that sold. This first one is Mi Amor Perdido translation My Lost Love. I have painted her before and she sold so I wanted to add her to the mix again, this time in retablo form. You can't really tell in this photo but her eyes are broken hearts she has a half of a broken heart necklace on she is crying turquoise tears. The two love birds on the top are pulling the heart apart and on the shelf underneath her she has roses thrown at her feet. She is playing a guitar, singing out her heartfelt song of a love that she will never again see.

Now This piece. Have you ever got rid of something that you have later regretted? Well, I took this piece to the show with me. And I did not have intentions of selling her. But for some reason I took her out, put a price on her and displayed her. There is a history behind this painting and I can't believe that I parted with it. When I first started painting, this is when I would only paint in oil. I tried to paint the Blessed Mother. I could not paint her for the life of me. And the oil paint got thicker and thicker in layers. I worked on it for about 6 or 7 months. I finally got so frustrated that I took this Masonite board and asked my Grandpa to sand it down for me, so that I can start a new. He sanded it, but could not get that red out that you see in the background. I put the board away for about a year. We had moved from our home. One day I unpacked this piece of Masonite and decided to try again. But this time I starred at the board for a couple of days. I left it out where I could see it every day when passing by. And, then inspiration hit! This was my first of the Mujer series. I saw in the grain of the wood a shape of someone sitting like the mujer you see in the painting. Then I saw a shape of a hand at the top. And I went with it. This piece was also featured in an interview in our local paper. Before my Grandfather started having back problems, he uniquely framed this piece like a puzzle. The painting fits inside the frame. (hard to explain). Well, it is gone and will be residing in a new home in Sweden. My work, my grandfathers work, now belongs to someone else. This piece was priceless to me. I do know that the buyer really liked it and came back for it after thinking about it. If you notice the hand in the painting is the hand I use for my logo Flores Originals, as well.

So I bid this piece adieu! And find peace in my broken heart that it will be appreciated somewhere far away in a beautiful home in Sweden.

I thought I would include a photo of my handsome son. He is my show set up/tear down guy. Him and my patient husband. They make sure my art is safely delivered and packed. Thank you Sunny!

And here is the boss, my youngest daughter Flores Original Supervisor! She has on her fabulous pumpkin pancho! (taken Thanksgiving day)

I am getting ready for two more shows. One in Los Lunas, NM & one in Albuquerque, NM. Stay tuned for more photos.

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La Chingona