The Sol Within Anna

If you have a chance please visit The sol within Anna's blog. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a featured artist and the interview is now posted. I really enjoyed working on this interview with her, she is such a nice person. She worked on her Birthday just to post this interview. Now that is commitment!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

I'm so excited I just won the autographed copy of Anjanette Delgado's novel, The Heart Break Pill! I won it off of The Sol Within Anna's blog After reading the interview with the author off of Anna's blog, my attention had been caught! I am excited to read this book, when I am finished with the book I will post my thoughts! Yayyy...
Thanks Anna!


Showing My Butt Off!

If you are new to my blog, welcome!
It has been a while since my last post. I have not had the time to update my blog. I have been working REALLY hard on my inventory for my upcoming shows. I enjoy having a blog and sharing with everyone and I also enjoy reading other blogs! Even though I am in the process of getting ready for these shows, I wanted to share with you only a little of what will be available to you during these shows! I will probably have one more show during November that is not yet listed. As soon as I get the information (& the time) I will post it.


Day of the Dead Show (1 Month Showing)
Los Lunas, NM @ Tome Art Gallery
Friday, October 23 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Dia de Los Muertos show
The show will have a public reception Oct. 31st
Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery in T or C
Monday, October 26 at 5:30 pm until Sunday, November 22 at 8:30 pm

Dia de los Muertos Art Show
Mesilla, NM
Saturday, October 31 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Arte de Muerto Show
"Day of the Dead, Ghosts & Folk Art"
Bernallio, NM @ the Santa Anna Star Casino
Saturday, November 7 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Contemporary Hispanic Winter Market
Santa Fe, NM @ El Museo
Saturday, November 28 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

These are the 2009 "Classy Calavera Collection" ornaments!

Let me introduce you to Marilyn Mon~Muerto & Deady BooP
These beautiful bones are positioned on a pedestal.
Their dresses flow nicely and permanently in the air.
I will have Muerto Jewelry boxes available.
This one is a musical box! A very unique piece.
All of my boxes are sealed in sap, from the Glorieta mountains here in New Mexico!
Here is a Frida Jewelry box side view.
The Frida muerta is permanently attached to the box.
Here is another, this box was inspired from
Fridas original painting "The Two Fridas"
The inside of the box!

You don't want to miss out on these events! There are MANY talented artists with brilliant works of art featured in each show. To name a couple
Pamela Enriquez from "Living La Vida Pintada!"

along with

Christina Medrano from "The Fancy Chola"

And so many more!! I wish I could post them all!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!


Gotta Cool Feva...

I'm so excited it's almost Fall! Fall is my favorite season, its like the curtains at a show that introduce the star. And in this case the star is WINTER! Ahhh... It may seem far away to others but to me I can see its head coming up the road real quick. And its getting closer and closer!

School has started and my life has a schedule again. I decided to move out of the art room and make it into a play room for my 3 year old. I am now the proud owner of an "Art Closet"! I have included the photo. When I am done I'll try to post the finished photos. I'm not promising because I seem to forget.
You can see all of my skeletons hanging on the wall. These babies are getting ready for the show in Mesilla. I have my jewelry supplies and originals, frames & yes a painting in the background. I thought it spiced up my closet, that I painted a terracotta red. I don't do well with white walls. They make me feel itchy..... jajaaa...
last minute show....
Next Show:
will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Los Lunas RailRunner Train Station. The art market will celebrate the grand opening of Café Uno in Los Lunas in the transportation building. The event will include more than 25 artists, demonstrations, food, entertainment and car and motorcycle show.
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Well, I would like to say, "time to relax" after I have worked so hard and had all of my shows lined up so close together. But, sadly, summer passed me like a blink of an eye. And now it is that time again, school shopping, supplies, school volunteering etc...
I have a couple of months to get ready for my next line of shows. Starting again in October. I will post all of my shows schedules here on my blog, so make sure you stop in from time to time!

The Contemporary Hispanic Market, was amazing as usual. I can't believe the floods of people from around the world that come down for this event! I met people from Europe, France, Mexico, India, Jamaica and that is just naming a few! Not to mention the peeps from around our good 'ol' USA. New York, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Maine, Arizona and that is just naming what my tiny mind can remember. I love talking to everyone who visited my booth. So many interesting stories and beliefs.

Another thing I found interesting, that really made me nervous last year, is the opinions/criticisms. I was terrified someone would not like my art, last year. I didn't really hear any negative comments last year. Maybe, I didn't let myself. This year I heard about 10% negativity towards my work, not even a hand full of them. But, I thought it was interesting and somewhat funny. Because I understand it is just ignorance about, not only Dia de los Muertos but the latino culture in general. Funny to see noses turn up at my "Chingona" and "Mama Chola" and "La Borrachas" ..ect.. (which were all sold, by the way, Prints completely sold out as well!). When I saw my first Muerte, I was a little uneasy about it myself. I thought, "oweee, why would someone want a skeleton in their home, reminding them about death"? I thought, "just because you put a dress on it, how does that make it not scary"? So I started researching and reading (yes reading), about the celebration. It's not scary, it's beautiful! It really is. It has also helped me not fear death so much.

During Dia de los Muertos, people go out and celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. How many of us take a WHOLE weekend, to celebrate and remember a loved one who is no longer around, annually? AND share those memories with strangers? During the Day of the Dead you see "ofrendas" "altars" These are beautiful works of art that represent, memorialize & tell a story about that special someone and what they brought into their loved ones lives!

For example last year at the Dia de los Muertos show in Mesilla, there was very beautiful altars. One in particular stood out to me. It was the families Grandfather. On his altar they had fun photos of their grandfather with his grandchildren, loving photos of him with his wife, the Grandfather working. .. etc. They included his reading glasses, his remote and his hard hat from when he worked construction, along with other special items that specifically represented their grandfather! They also had out his favorite foods and drink. It is believed that when their loved ones spirit comes to visit, the spirit will get the essence of the things they loved, back here on earth! It is so beautiful. Those altars show the world, who they were and how much they meant to this familia! I cant think of a better way to honor someone who is no longer on earth, than that!

Anyway, I heard people say things like, "I know that "stuff" is supposed to be happy "stuff" but Marilyn Monroe was an icon, and to portray her as a skeleton is just awful." or "That's horrible, look at that!" or "Oh My Gosh (roll of the eyes)" jajajaa... And then I had others who thought my Marilyn Mon-Muerto was "hilarious, brilliant, great imagination..etc. and then there were those who thought "she is so beautiful, wow good work, what talent, I'm amazed...etc. People found the horror, humor & beauty in one painting! That is so awesome! I made people "feel"! I made people "feel"!

As an artist all of these opinions feed my drive to paint! I love it!! I still have Marilyn and will be working on her friends, Dead-E Page, Elvis, James Dean..etc.. That's for next year!

Well, here are some of the Flores Originals that were sold this past weekend at the "impressive" Contemporary Hispanic Market!

Well, my shows may be over for now, but in the mean time, I will be working on new pieces for my upcoming shows starting in October! Time for this home-maker to get back to her house work and try to enjoy what is left of summer '09'! Thank you for stopping by and please stop by my Etsy shop for your unique Flores Original!
God Bless,


Visit Santa Fe & FloresOriginals

A Swallows Home
Acrylic on Canvas 16"x 20"
New Calavera collection available at this weekends show!
If your in the Santa Fe area,
24th Annual "Contemporary Hispanic Market"
Visit my booth #65
July 25 – 26, 2009

The annual Contemporary Hispanic Market, the largest Hispanic art event in the country, features innovative work by more than 100 artists drawing from their Hispanic heritage and New Mexico traditions. The Market is held outdoors on Lincoln Avenue next to the Santa Fe Plaza and is held yearly during the last weekend of July. There will be 134 booths with many medium forms of artwork created by New Mexico Hispanic resident Artists and is open 8am-5pm each day and free to the public.
"New" works of art & prints will be available....


ღArte de Muertoღ

1 down 1 to go...

The second Arte de Muerto show, has once again proved to be a success! This show is the perfect genre for my art. Thank you Hank Estrada & Antonio Garcez for the wonderful show you provide to all of us vendors and all of your hard work it is much appreciated!
The show was beautiful with soooo much awesome art, celebrating not only dia de los muertos but Latino culture as well! I think I spent most of my earnings buying everything in sight.

Unfortunately, I lost my charger for my camera! Now, I have to use my very cheap, unfocused camera phone. La Llorona was at the show, screaming for her children. New Mexico's Channel 7 was there. They also had face painters, there work is amazing! These photos give their work no justice!
This is my baby dღughter. It was her 3rd birthday on Sunday! She was excited to be at the show with me and get her face painted. She was wearing a strawberry dress and they painted her face a calavera with strawberry's.
Awwww.. Who could resist that punum?

She'll be my next painting!

This is my other baby dღughter. Not so much of a baby anymore, but, a definitely a beautiful young lady! She is my biggest helper & advertiser! She will also be my next helper.

I also have my oldest child who was unable to be at the show. My sღn & his dad were putting a new roof on our house so he was hard at work!

Thanks for stopping by!

If your in the Santa Fe area,
Visit my booth #65 for the
24th Annual "Contemporary Hispanic Market"
July 25 – 26, 2009
The annual Contemporary Hispanic Market, the largest Hispanic art event in the country, features innovative work by more than 100 artists drawing from their Hispanic heritage and New Mexico traditions. The Market is held outdoors on Lincoln Avenue next to the Santa Fe Plaza and is held yearly during the last weekend of July. There will be 134 booths with many medium forms of artwork created by New Mexico Hispanic resident Artists and is open 8am-5pm each day and free to the public.
"New" original works of art + prints will be available....
I would like to thank those of you who mention to me at my last couple of shows, how you travel, to collect your FloresOriginals. I have some FloresOriginal supporters that have followed me since eBay or my first summer market with Contemporary Hispanic Market! I am very appreciative to your kindness and support, It is VERY encouraging to me!
Many blessings,


Come One Come All....

Flores Original works of art will be available
at the next upcoming events!

Online sales will be on hold during the next two weeks.

Arté de Muertos” Expo
Day of the Dead, Ghosts & Folk Art
Santa Ana Star Casino, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
July 18-19 2009 9am to 5pm
Located in Bernallio
This two day event, gathers the best of the best of "Dia de los Muertos" artisans from all over the southwest and is truly an impressive showcase to experience. This event celebrates the tradition, wonder and beauty of an annual Mexican custom and now observed here in New Mexico!

If your in the Santa Fe area,
24th Annual "Contemporary Hispanic Market"
July 25 – 26, 2009
The annual Contemporary Hispanic Market, the largest Hispanic art event in the country, features innovative work by more than 100 artists drawing from their Hispanic heritage and New Mexico traditions. The Market is held outdoors on Lincoln Avenue next to the Santa Fe Plaza and is held yearly during the last weekend of July. There will be 134 booths with many medium forms of artwork created by New Mexico Hispanic resident Artists and is open 8am-5pm each day and free to the public.
"New" works of art & prints will be available....


Flores Origi-Gals....

I recently discovered what an AWESOME artist my daughter has become. I bought her a doodle book about a year ago. She seemed really interested for a short while and then quickly became uninterested! I didn't push her, I just let it be. Recently, she brought out that doodle book and it had many different unique sketches inside. I fell in love with them. Not only because she is my daughter, but if you look at her work she has such an imagination. So much detail and story to each piece of work! See for yourself!


I'm Baaaaaaack!

Art Room Door....

(bottom paper on door)

A sign my daughter made me..

Inventory curing before show!

I'm finally back! Not painting for 2 whole months really put me behind schedule and I really hope that NEVER happens again! I have been traveling a lot this summer and I am really exhausted! I need a vacation from traveling.
I have 2 shows coming up!
Arte de Muerto Show
July 18th & 19th
Santa Ana Star Casino in Bernallio, NM.

Contemporary Hispanic Market
July 25th & 26th
Santa Fe, NM
I am very excited!! I love these shows, I love painting, I live for it all!

For not having much time, I'm doing pretty good. I don't have a lot of inventory left to complete! For the first show anyway! If your in New Mexico during these dates, stop by and find my booth! The CHM is a very large show. You can find me in the artists directory book that they hand out for free during the show.

Since Monday, this has been my schedule: Wake up, go to the kitchen and get my coffee, drink a carnation instant breakfast and get to work! I don't get to bed till midnight. Then, when I hit the pillow, I am still awake with things to do circling my head. So I open my nintendo dsi and I train my brain and play sudoku, till my eyes decide they can close and stay that way. ...

I am exhausted. My children and husband have been really helpful and supportive. They always have been! I am very blessed to have the family that I do.
I am exhausted! I better go get my ds so I can fall asleep, to wake up and do it all over again!
Wouldn't have it any other way!


Painters Block

...............Technical Difficulties.........................


Going With the Flow..

I have not been up to anything worth blogging about. Nothing exciting anyway. No shows, no photos & no new items. I am working little by little on paintings for my upcoming shows. But, lately I have had painters block! I have no imagination lately, no passion, no inspiration. It's horrible. A few weeks ago I wanted to paint but being uninspired and unimaginative I didn't know what to paint. So I decided to try a portrait painting. I am by no means a portrait painter but I had fun trying it out. I decided to get some random photos of myself, my cousin Dolores & Christina Aka The Fancy Chola! So Here they are in order
Here is Me, I & Myself!
This be my cousin Dolores Aka Baby Dodo!
And you all know Christina Aka The Fancy Chola
I combined the three and this is the result! Now I know this is more of a charicature than a portrait. But, remember, I said I did this for "fun"! Don't judge me!
I want to give a special "Thank You" to two of my favorite Flores Original customers!
Jenna from Redlands California
Wesley from Florida
Thank you so much for your support!
For the last week I have been ill! I got hit really hard with A-a sinus infection & B- Strep Throat! Then it passed on to my baby daughter, then the oldest daughter, then my oldest son & of course now it hit my husband! Ughh it has been horrible. I have been completly knocked off my feet with this one. I'm going on day 8 and I am still exhausted sore and miserable. But, life goes on! Well, until next time!


Earth Day ABQ Show....

Well, another weekend another show. This show was fun, entertaining & I met a lot of very nice people. The down side is, it was not my venue of patrons. I also forgot my camera. MY CAMERA, NOOOooooo!!
So I took only very few photos with my camera phone. Warning, I have the worst camera phone this side of Nuevo Mexico!
In the above photo is The Fancy Chola in the black, My daughter in the center & her bff Jaeden (nicest kid ever!). They are very occupied with the Japanese dragon dancers and the tai chi performances, as the girls take photos with their camera phones.

Here is a faraway photo of the dragons lined up. You can kind of make out their bright colors of orange and red and yellows.

Here I had two tables at this show one for jewelry the other for originals, prints, light switches and the rest of the works that I carry around with me for shows.
Well that was it in a nut shell it was a one day event outside. I got a bad sunburn. I was wearing a Flores Original necklace & I got burned everywhere but under the necklace. So I have a necklace henna type tattoo! See these Flores Original necklaces can also be used as sunblock! lol
Till next time!

Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to visit my newly updated etsy shop!!

Updated Etsy Shop!

If your a Flores Original fan and looking for some Flores Original art. Check out my newly updated etsy shop here. I have jewelry, light switches, originals, prints and the list goes on. I will be adding new items through out next week! My prices are very reasonable. Please Check it out when you get a chance. Remember FloresOriginalz.etsy.com


Visit Me Next Sunday...

Live Music ~ Art ~ Face Painting ~ Free Stuff & More....

Click on this poster to see information in larger view


What A Show.....

For being the first Annual Dia de los Muertos show to take place no where near Oct. 1st, This show was a SUCCESS!
I would like to thank Mr. Estrada & Mr. Garcez from Red Rabbit Press for hosting such a fun & wonderful show!

I had quite a few new items for this show that I have been so busy working on for the last few months. I have bottle cap bracelets, light switches complete with hardware, candles, new lino cut cards, Beer-Rings, pins, hair pins, necklaces & more......
Whatever was left over will be added to my etsy shop this week!

"Spice Up Your Light"
with these Flores Original Light switches...


Some fellow New Mexican bloggers participated in the show as well!
Your all familiar with the
~Fancy Chola~

I am a proud owner of a reversible Senorita Handbag! Handmade by The Fancy Chola herself!

Also the OH SO Talented Chica
Pam! From Living La Vida Pintada!
Unfortunately my good friend Pam was indoors for this event and I didn't get a chance to their photos! And Pam completely sold out so after the show there was nothing left to photograph! One thing I have to add to this is her daughter is amazingly talented as well! She is setting up an etsy shop soon. And I am awaiting patiently!

Now during this show I met some really cool jente!! Let me introduce you....

First is Josephine Brionez de Flores! Yeah that's right!
She is a very creative artist that also participates in the Contemporary Hispanic Market!
You can visit her website at http://www.brionezdesigns.com/
Check her out!

I am the proud owner of an original Brionez Design!
I have a Beautiful pair of earrings and a wicked cool choker!
They are so much more gorgeous in person! I'm not a photographer...

Next we have Diego Gonzales! He is a cool cat! Creativity is just busting out of every pore in his body! He is a painter, sketcher, poet, tattoo artist and ....

Henna tattoo's.. and so much more! I got the sacred heart! It is a "glitter henna" tattoo! When the glitter falls off you have the brownish/orange stain of the image. Its Awesome! And he did a really good job! You cant tell here because I had on a necklace that pushed some of the glitter off. I could not take the necklace off for long and I'll tell you why later....

I don't have a website for him but I "think" he is at the Contemporary Hispanic Market in July! I hope I'm not giving you false information!

Ok, I had the pleasure of having the booth next to the
~PotHolder Queen~
And yes, she really is THEE PotHolder Queen! She had a million and one pot holders, the most Awesome Tortilla warmers! Yes, tortilla warmers and the most delicious smelling lavender masks! Her fabrics are out of this world. She mixes and matches the fabrics and she has the best prices ever!
I am a proud owner of a purple, lavender scented mask, with skeletos on the fabric! Unfortunately I have no contact info for her....sorry
She rocks!

Ok, next on the cool cat list is our very fun friend the Glass Lady! Her prices are very reasonable and she does great work! She is hilarious! She shared some stories with us about her days in Woodstock! Ohhh an actual hippie. It was an honor and a privilege to be next to her and spend two fun-tastic days with her!! We were having so much fun together I forgot to ask her for a card, But I did get her photo. Now I know she is going to be in the magazine, "Who's Who" I don't know when but be on the look out for her. She does many shows around Alb. and the surrounding area!

Now we have my oh so talented friend . She makes amazing papel picado art! This one is Hansel & Gretel. She traded this with me for some Flores Original jewelry. This piece will go in my oldest daughters room with a thick turquoise frame... ohhh imagine! I also have a skeleto in the kitchen cooking, as well as a magnet for the fridge of two skeleton women sitting at a table smoking and gossiping! Love it!! Again I have no contact information about her either. But, if you are interested in anyone about their works and contact information, please e-mail me & I will definitely get that info for you!!

Ayyy Mamasita! Have you seen the movie "Chocolat"? If you have you know that all those different chocolate recipes looked like heaven! I had to go out and buy myself a Hershey's bar! But the Hershey bar does not compare to these oh so delicious cookies! OH MY GOSH! On the movie they had some chocolate that they added chili pepper to. I always wondered what that tasted like. At the show this weekend there was a booth from
Get it? Like Albuquerque & Cookie put 'em together..? Brilliant! Everyone was raving about these cookies.
They were all out of the other cookies so I was only able to sample the
"Leah Rosie's Chocolate Pepper Chile Cookies"
And I can't explain the taste to you. It was so different from anything I've ever tasted. It was chocolaty & there is sugar sprinkled on top which was a different kind of sweet mixed in, and then the after taste has a spiciness left on your tongue and throat. They are oh so delicious! Embarrassing enough the whole bag is gone and it is only Tuesday! Hey I have kids that I generously shared them with! These cookies are enjoyed more when eaten very very slow savoring each different taste that pops out to surprise you with every chew! I will be stopping by there this week on my way to Espanola! I have to try the others!
They are located at the South Valley Economic Development Center at
318 Isleta Blvd SW
Phone: 505.268.1439
You can visit there website here

Mmmmm.. Now every time I go to a show, it's a rule that I buy local honey. I loves me some honey!! This booth had some delicious honey! Very very good. Not only was the honey good but they had some beef jerky that was really really good too! along with jams and Chile and just a whole lotta goodness!
There shop is located in Bernallio it is called
~The Corner Store~
Located at
866 Camino del Pueblo
Phone 505.867.0955

Last but not least I met the queen of bottle caps! She makes very gorgeous bottle cap jewelry! She is well known in New Mexico her name is Goldie Garcia!
She is a very nice lady, with a cool sense of style, who swapped some good advice with me, gave me a few good tips! You can check out her website and her interesting story on how she got started here.
She used to be a comedian! Really! That's cool! I would have never guessed!
~Goldie Garcia~
I am the proud owner of a Goldie Garcia pin!

There was so much fun to be had this past weekend and I enjoyed every moment! Face painters, Artists Galore & good times! Talent was everywhere to be found!

Before I end this post, I want to share something with you.
I am sooooo very very happy and excited because Pam! From Living La Vida Pintada!
gave me, GAVE ME! 2 items that I will cherish forever! First is this amazing necklace. Really? I can't even tell you how in awe I was/am! I LOVE Coraline. That movie made me sooo happy. It took me back to my child hood where things were so magical and exciting, imagination was so much easier to have as a child. Imaging you were in a far away land, you get the idea. Anyway, when I watched the movie it reminded me of playing at my Grandparents house as a kid, they have 5 acres of land that my Grandfather planted alfalfa on. I would love running through it in the summer, especially when the alfalfa was taller than me. It was like the garden at the "other mothers" in the movie! So I really fell in love with the story. I really enjoy Tim Burton movies. But, there was just something more to this one!
What a job she did on this reversible necklace!! I'm already like a moth to a flame with Pam's art! Then she uses the metallic colors like no other. All the way around, It's perfect! Amazing!
Don't you think?

After staring at this necklace the rest of that Saturday, Saturday night and then Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon comes around and I see Pam talking to the fancy chola. I go over there all excited, "heeyyy Pam I love my necklace thank you so much, I'm still in awe" She has something behind her back and she gives it to me.....
She painted the Coraline jewelry box!! AND SHE GAVE IT TO ME!!
I could not wait, to get home with it. I had to fight off both of my daughters. They actually thought it was for them?
I looove my box and necklace and I truly am so so thankful to Pam! She is super bomb-bastic!!
I luff her!!
Thank you again Pam!!

These photos give this piece no justice! In person it is sooo much more gorgeous!

The Top

Under The Top is the vortex
that leads to the other mothers house!

Both sides of the box have a large button. (Brilliant!)
This side reads, "Be careful what you wish for"

The inside

awwww... dreamy.....

Ok, let me snap out of it real quick....

Ok, I'm back! Here are some new works of art! That I have been working on under this mess I call a desk!

I dont have a name for her yet.. any suggestions?

I don't currently have a name for her either...
She is from the Mujer series. This is the first frontal painting of her. She has a tattoo on her arm. The design is from my lino carving design. It will be available for purchase on my etsy shop also!

After watching Coraline I have been in this fantasy sort of high! So I painted this wood and it has a shelf at the end and the road comes out onto the shelf...
see the faces in the trees?

Ok and last but not least
Happy Birthday to little Guely!
Made by the
~Fancy Chola~
Son of Christina...

This was the longest and hardest post yet!! I am glad I am done with it! My electricity went out in my house while typing and then my keyboard burnt out. Then, I had to post a million photos. It seemed like a good idea at the time...lol

See Ya!

La Chingona