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New listing on my etsy shop!

~Muerta Wallet~

This is what I am working on at this point & time. As you know I am getting ready to be judged for the ever so impressive Contemporary Hispanic Market! I have to submit 3 paintings for this show. So I am submitting this painting of Marilyn Mon-Muerto. The canvas is hand made by myself and husband. It is almost4' tall, about 4" thick.

Next painting that you see here is my Mujer. She is painting the Blessed Mother and child Jesus. There are about 3 or 4 hidden paintings within the whole painting. You may be able to see the Guadalupe in back of the mujeres dress. This is not a very good photo, I apologize about that. Also that is a water mark going across the center of the painting.

She has bronze highlights in her hair. The Blessed Mother has a very sparkly golden crown. The baby Jesus is holding the Holy Spirit. Around the painted Blessed Mother canvas (in the turquoise) it reads, "Mi Reina, Madre del Verdadero Dios y Madre de Toda la Humanidad" Translation, "My Queen, Mother of the one true God and Mother of all humanity"

The third one has been seen before. A painting I used last year that is painted especially for my baby daughter Lorena!
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It's That Time Again!

I have a lot of painting to do, new ornaments preparing to be juried & orders to fill! But for right now. I want to blog.

So, I am right now, preparing my art to be juried for that ever so impressive Contemporary Hispanic Market! What if, I don't get in? My body goes numb at the mere thought! I did participate last year, but I have to get juried in again! The pressure.

I am working on a couple of pieces right now. First is this Marilyn Mon-Muerto. Now she is a work in progress! She is NOT completed yet. This painting is 2 1/2' tall. Pretty large! Very fun and VERY vibrant. The contrasting colors make me happy to be alive. lol I am thinking this will be one of my submissions that I will take to be juried.

Next, this is more a scenic painting and is also still not completed. We have a Cantina with the mariachi's playing in the window. Lovers dancing under the moon light. There is a girl smelling a flower on the first window and the middle window two people sitting at a table. See the puppy jumping up on that wall peeking in the window. There is still allot to be done here. Still too much background and grass.

I will be posting the completed results as soon as they are done.

Ok well, I have an appointment in February for my hands. Lets see what happens now. I can't wait and I am praying that they heal them. I posted some photos of my "mitts" and yes they literally look like mitts. They are so swollen. Ok in this first photo the arrow is pointing to my wrist bone (just to show you what is what). The circle is where the bone is popping out. It feels like a broken small bone. I call it a chicken bone. I have my own medical terms. Now my wrist kills me and the pain is traveling up the arm. It's traveled between the wrist and elbow so far.

In this photo to the bottom the arrows are pointing to all of the veins that are protruding out of my hands because circulation is being cut off. You can't really see this in the photo and it's hard to explain. There is a swollen oval area that pops out. This part is not bone it is soft like if there is a lot of tissue built up. And the line on the side of the arm is showing where the weird shape has taken over. Does this look normal?

Aw well, let's see if this doctor says, "well, I don't see anything wrong with your hands".

Till next time my friends!


The Grand Finale...

Remember when I took the 2008 Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop with Gritty Arts Studio? Well I made 2 dolls. One was the doll that you make in the class. The other was a challenge doll. I didn't have time to complete the challenge doll before the class had ended. So, I picked up the doll and decided to finish this weekend. So here she is. I need to work on molding her face more. Make her more of my own creation. She still has the gritty Jane look to her. (Not at all as good as her faces, but a Gritty Jane to her, none the less.
Here in New Mexico there is an art called Bultos. Bultos are Santos carved, usually with cottonwood root or pine wood. They are painted with either homemade gesso or acrylic gesso, homemade natural pigments, acrylic watercolors, or waterbased pigments. Usually sealed with homemade pinon sap varnish, commercial sealers, or beeswax. I "really" wanted to start this type of art. But, my hands have become really bad. They are swollen, something is cutting of circulation, veins are popping out all over & if that was not bad enough, I know have a small bone popping out of the wrist. And, it is not my wrist bone. I can still paint but my hand is constantly in pain. I will be making a Dr. apt. soon. I recently went to a specialist but (of course) nothing came out of it. And this is after I had underwent a lot of tests. Apparently a swollen, numb, veiny hand is the norm!
Anyway, long story short. Thanks to Gritty Janes workshop, I can make my own bulto type art replica.. And here it is. I started out with the Blessed Mother. She is a mixture of the Guadalupe and Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos. That is why her veil is triangular in shape.
The fabric used for her Vail is stiff and everything is hand painted. She is cloth and Paper clay. She has been sanded and painted in acrylic. The flaming heart is removeable. It is also made of fabric, paper clay & acrylic paint. I put the angel at her feet holding the moon.

Your Thoughts..........


My Danita Doll is in!!

Woo Hoo!!
I received my Danita Art doll today in the mail. I heard the mail man honking, so I had to run out barefoot. If the mailman honks, he has a box and if you don't get it right away they leave that yellow slip. Then you have to go get it yourself from the post office.
Anyway, it was pretty cold on the side walk. But once I saw him holding the box, all I could feel was excitement!
So I brought it in and opened the box, ..then the bag...... then the beautiful orange polka dotted tissue paper! And then Vwa-lah! There sat the cutest little party Danita doll!
How cute is she? Her little party hat and look at the tiny feet, the way she is kicking up her heels.
Now you see how cute they are in the photo? In person they are oh sooo much cuter if you can believe that! Danita did a really good job at packing her safely too. I do apologize about the quality of my photo's. What a magnificent piece of art. The details and craftsmanship is awesome!
Thank you so much Danita, I will cherish it always and pass it down to my daughters! I am having my husband build me a shadow box to hang her in. But, I have to figure out which room she'll go in. The living room, bedroom? Decisions decisions! Thank you so much again!!


Flores Originals back on E-bay!

I did not plan on selling my art on e-bay anymore because of the increase of fee's. But, alas e-bay has brought me more sales and traffic than any other site. So I humbly crawl back on hands and knees to my old friend who takes a big percentage of my commision.
Flores Originals + E-bay = a living

First painting up for bid is an original painted on wood. Para Siempre Mi Amor which means My Forever Love. Even after her life, she sings about the heartfelt love that she clung onto even after death. Passionately pouring her heart and soul into her guitar. This painting is part of the Muerta Love collection. This is the second of the kind.

This turquoise painting is called Mi Amor Perdido meaning My Lost Love. This was the first in the series. It was sold this summer in Santa Fe. Her eyes are broken hearts she is crying out to her lost love, enduring the pain of her broken heart.

This is Marilyn Mon-Muerto! It is Marilyn Monroe the calaca, in her famous pose with her dress flying up around her. (From the 1954 movie The Seven Year Itch) . This painting is very vibrant. It has contrasting colors so it really stands out. She is the first Marilyn Mon-Muerto that I have painted. I am starting the bid at $45.00
this is really under priced for a Flores Original!

Next starting at $19.99, I have listed a very sexy hand painted Marilyn Mon-Muerta purse! I had a hard time with this purse. I am used to painting with very bright colors and this purse as you can see is a dark bronze. I had it hanging on the door of my armoire for about 3 or 4 months. This is a used purse but looks Great!! I'm going green. Recycling items that still have life left, but adding a dash of pizazz! Finally, I look at this purse and see Marilyn Mon-Muerta sitting above the gold point in front of the purse. So after all this time I grab the purse and go to work. This is the finishing result. This piece measures almost 6 1/2" x 9" x 2 1/2" The flap in front opens to a large pocket with one small pocket on the inside. The purse has Marilyn Mon-Muerto on the front posing sexy. To the left of her, I painted the words "Marilyn Mon-Muerto" to look as if she signed the purse herself! To the right is her kiss print. The colors in this painting coordinate perfectly with the purse. I used shimmery gold & shimmery copper to pop against the bronze background of this purse. It is functional art, you can display it or use it! And no the paint will not come off!

Please feel free to check them out on my e-bay auctions! Have a good weekend and thank you for stopping by!


Bring In 2009 Lookin Fine!!

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I'm All Shook Up

I'm All Shook Up uh uh huh... Baaaybeh!!

Wow as if life couldn't get any better! I just got e-mailed by Danita from Danita Art telling me to check out her blog. I happily clicked Danita on my favorites list and.... oh yeah.... I won!! She had a drawing a while back for a Danita doll AND I WON!! I am so very excited (if you can't already tell)!!

Her blog is always interesting to read. I love the story about the rabbit & the moon. I had never heard it before but I have been intrigued by it ever since! Her paintings are amazing I first saw her on e-bay, then I found her etsy shop, then her blog. And I follow her blog every morning with my cup O java. Well I e-mailed her my address and as soon as I get the doll I will post the pictures!

So very excited.

La Chingona