Ay Mi Corazon!

I just wanted to announce that I have

closed FloresOriginals.com.

I didn't want to do it, but sadly I was losing money.

I felt like I was really taking off for a while there and things were going great. But now, because of hard times, no one wants to buy art. Or maybe just my art! Either way it's not good! Well, I am going to put my concentration toward "finishing" a degree once started and go from there. I will still paint for fun and shows and have items available on etsy! I will still keep up my blog. Don't know what I will write about but I ramble all the time anyway, so .....
I need to down size from an art room to an art "space" if you will. So what will I make of an extra room? Hmmm so many options...

Oh yeah, I still have to take down all of my website advertisements....


Mi Familia

Family Portrait Painting...

I found these cute pieces of wood at a Thrift store and didn't know what to do with them. I liked them so I got them and they have been sitting on my desk (fallen on the floor) for a very long time now. Well, to make a long story I added items in the portrait to tell a little story about each child.

My Son

My Daughter

My Baby

Thanks for stopping by!


Ah La Chicana Bro....

La Chingona!
Acrylic 13 1/2" x 6"
on Wood

Here are a couple of paintings that I was working on yesterday. I have finished them. However, I took the photo before I finished and my USB to get the photos, is broken. Now I have to put my memory card into the printer to retrieve. Takes toO long to add more photos. So these ones are good.

First Date

Acrylic 9"x 5 1/2"

on wood

Sorry in this painting I added a watermark and it looks like a big yella smear in the middle bottom of the painting....lol
I will be participating in a show coming up this April It will be a very cool show! Arte de Muertos" in April? Awesome! its not just for November any more. I am really excited about this one. So if your in the vicinity during April 4-5 come join us!

'El Xocalo Historic Convent Event Center'
264 S. Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo, New Mexico
"Arté de Muertos" Mercado is the name of this new artist market featuring specialty vendors of Day of the Dead, Spiritual, Ghosts art, and Metaphysical related services, to be held at El Xocalo Historic Convent Event Center in Bernalillo for two days—April 4th & 5th. Artisans from around the state will be showcasing colorful Dia de los Muertos crafts, as professionals in the paranormal and metaphysical fields share their talents and entertain visitors. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrates the memory and lives of loved ones who have died.
Arté de Muertos Mercado” is offered

Free To The Public!



OK, I saw the photos of my lino cut and I just was not happy with it at all! The designs around the skeletons were taking away from the main picture. I want the focus to be on the skeletons. So now.. hopefully it looks better. I definitely feel better about the outcome. Now you can see the dead flowers and the hearts and the rose on her head.
....TA DA...
And the result on paper...

To Be Or Not To Be Accepted....

Well, the results are in. As you know I entered my art in New Mexico's largest Hispanic art show The Contemporary Hispanic Market in Santa Fe. I entered into two categories. First, mixed Media for my art dolls. Here is San Pasqual:

I was denied for this category. I'm not disappointed about this because I am very new to making these art dolls. Painting is is what I love to do!

Second Category was Acrylic Painting. I was not denied for this category but, I was not fully accepted either. I was chosen as an alternate. Same as last year. I am happy about this because, I paint almost every night & if I were to be denied, I would have a house full of art sitting in a room or the shed by it's self. I am hoping that they will call me. Or I will be soooo disappointed. So once again I'm hanging by a string. But I have faith that they will call me. So I will be sitting by this phone till they do..

I just finished carving another block for block printing. It is two skeletons holding hands. I included 3 photos of the block. Before the ink is on it, with the ink on it and for the third photo, I colored in some detail in case you can't see it in the photo.

I had my doctors appointment finally for my hands. Basically I have to take the tests all over again. I loath those tests. Well the test where they check to find out if I have nerve damage. They stick needles in the back of my neck, arms wrist elbow and then shock you with electricity.. ughhh gives me the heeby geebies just thinking about it. The doctor did look at my hand briefly and said that, the ball sticking out of my wrist, (what I thought was a broken bone) is a cyst, if it does not bother me there is no reason to have it removed. And the swollen-ness of my hands were carpal-tunnel. But we have to re-do the tests to see the extent of the damage. I don't have an appointment for these tests until March or April. Then a week later I go back to this Doctor to discuss the results. Here I go again...

Well thank you for stopping by I appreciate all your support and nice comments.

Until next time,


¿Qué Pasa En Mi Casa

Well I dropped off my art to be judged!
This year I not only submitted my paintings but I thought I would try out my art dolls. I don't think they have much of a chance, but I thought I would try anyway. The look on the peoples faces were not good. One guy said, "...... these are....... funky?" and walked away. It was funny because, they really are different. I didn't care though. I still submitted them. I was nervous to walk in with them at first. I felt like my shirt was see through and everyone was seeing my business! But then I thought, "they like them or they don't, who cares!" I took a deep breath and let my worries out into the cold Santa Fe air.
I was a lot more confident this year with my paintings. Unlike last years nightmare. And not confident in a way that I think I will surely be excepted. But, confident in a way that I know my art is not horrible. So even if I don't get in, it doesn't mean the end of painting for me.
Here I go babbling on randomly again.
Here is what I have been working on. These are my lino cut cards. I had an order for them. This is my first online order for my cards! To the left is the Blessed Mother & of course to the right is the sacred heart. I have a blast carving out the lino blocks. (I know, I'm weird) Carving these blocks really gets the creative juices flowing.
These cards would make awesome V-day cards!! (I'm just saying).....

I finished this Classy Calavera Bracelet! I added toggles to the ends. This will be easier than the clasps that I had on before. I love these bracelets they are so colorful! Here is the front and back

My Mom (D.D. Margaret, as we call her!) bought me this really cool wallet. Just in the nick of time too! My Muerta wallet is tore up on the inside. My cards and license kept getting stuck in the slots and then I ripped it one day, so basically it holds nothing. I am going to cut out the painting on the leather of the old wallet. I'll think of something to do with it.
This new wallet was brown. So of course I painted it black. Then opened it up and went to town. I am not done. But I got so excited with it I wanted to share. At the top I have two swallows holding up a banner.
Inside the wallet on the pocket I painted a yellow heart with thorns.
The muerta on the other pocket, those are my business cards. People ask me for a card and I always forget to keep some with me. So even though I'm not done with the wallet. I will be totally prepared when I am ready to use it.
I'm smart! lol
Funny story: I always kid that I am dingy, but I have come to the realization that I AM really dingy! I was with some friends Christina (the fancy chola) and Kat, this Sat. in Santa Fe. We were checking out second hand stores/consignment stores. Well I saw some really cool jeans, they had some slight tares on them but, that's the style right? Anyway, as Christina was doing Beyonce moves and singing "single ladies" the store clerk thought she was hilarious. Let me just say, this girl gets laughs EVERY WHERE we go. Even when she's not trying. So as she was explaining to the store clerk she was dancing and the clerk is telling her, "I thought you were getting sick". I was checking out the pants. it read 109 in red pen. Now, when I go to a second hand store 109 means $1.09 so I thought I would ask because those were really cool jeans. The lady gave me a look as if to say, "are you for real?" Yes I am for real!! The pants are $109.00 ? WHAT THE HECK? I wish now that I would of tried the pants on. Apparently everyone else knew those pants were $109. Not me! Dingy? I guess so! I want to know does anyone out there pay this much for used pants? If so, what is the difference? And how much are they, not used?
And that ladies & gentlemen is my funny story for the week!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much!

La Chingona