Starting From Scratch..

January, time to start from the beginning! I am in the process of getting everything ready to get juried again. Please cross your fingers for me. I am talking about my biggest show, the Contemporary Hispanic Market! I am going to enter two categories this year. One: acrylic paintings and two: mixed media. My mixed media will consist of wood, clay, Flores Original replica and acrylic paint. I have to have 3 examples for each category. The deadline is Feb. 6th. When I am done with them I will post them here on my blog for your critiquing!

I received the book that I recently won from The Sol Within Anna's blog, called The Heartbreak Pill by Anjanette Delgado. I am taking a trip on Saturday and this will give me some reading time. I am excited to read it! I'll share my thoughts on the book when I'm done with it.

I better get back to work for now. Thank you for stopping by!


Now What?

Before I start blog, blog, blogging away!

I want to post a
Leticia Werner

I hope she enjoys her new found art! Which will be delivered to her by the end of this week! Thank you Leticia! Also one last time!
Thank you so much to Anna from The Sol Within Anna for the awesome and fun opportunity to be a featured artist on her blog! Thank you Anna!!

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have come and gone. Time to try harder, do better and book more shows! I wanted to update some photos from my fun time in the snow this year. I went up to Los Alamos again the day after Christmas and went inner tubing. Not like you think, we are attached to my father in-laws truck and he pulls us around. Its Awesome!! In fact my son got a new phone for Christmas that takes video. I asked my husband to ride in back of the truck and tape me flying in the air. But I can't post it. Because, the whole video is of his eyes and mouth! He had the camera facing him the whole time! jajaaa... oh well! There is always next year.
I had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
The start of this year has not started off as I would of hoped. However, this too shall pass and life will continue. I will surround myself with positive things, pray and only concentrate on those that matter to me.
I don't have any new projects for this year. But I have sketched out some new ideas. I am excited to get them started.
I have to prepare for February 6th. I will once again have to go before the judges to (hopefully) get into the Contemporary Hispanic Market again this year. Even if it is, as an alternate!
I better get started.
Thank you again to everyone who visited The Sol Within Anna and left the wonderful questions and comments!
Till next time!

La Chingona