You are formally invited....

If you are in the San Antonio, Texas area make sure you stop by and experience a very unique exhibition.

What do 3 different women with 3 different visions and three different voices all have in common?

NOTHING, except for GREAT ART and the same

Welcome to a truly exclusive event -the first-ever
collaboration of

Carolyn G. Flores (Bluestar Contemporary Art Complex),

Carolyn Dee Flores (artist/writer/mura......list), and

Carolyn A. Flores (up and coming contemporary Hispanic artist from New Mexico),

taking place on March 5, 2010 at the

Centro Cultural Aztlan Art Complex
in San Antonio, Texas.

You are formally invited to a celebration of
Contemporary Art Month, National Women's Month, and the City-Wide Luminarias Art Event :

"Carolina Por Tres"

The "Carolina X 3" Art show and
Exhibit For more info: 210-432-1896

Join me at the reception held on Friday March 5, 2010
The show will continue through out the month of March.

I will have some of my very popular Gordita collection available
along with new and unseen works.

I would like to send a special THANK YOU, to Carolyn Dee Flores of San Antonio, Texas for all of her hard work in making this show possible.
I would also like to thank the Centro Cultural Aztlan Art complex in San Antonio, Texas, because with out them there would be no show.
I am truly honored to participate in this exhibit and to show my work side by side with two very talented and well known artists as

Carolyn G. Flores (Bluestar Contemporary Art Complex)


Carolyn Dee Flores (artist/writer/muralist)

you can find art by Carolyn Dee Flores by clicking on her name.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for April 17 & 18, 2010
My favorite and yours
"Arte de Muertos Expo"
I am proud and honored to be the featured artist for this show.

For more information visit their website or click on the flyer:


Thank you so much for visiting Mi Vida Loca,
Your New Mexican artist Carolyn Flores

La Chingona